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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2012

Nutrition & Food Sciences

Andrade, Ana M., Daniel L. Kresge, Pedro J. Teixeira, Fatima Baptista and Kathleen J. Melanson. "Does Eating Slowly Influence Appetitte and Energy Intake When  Water Intake Is Controlled?" International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. 9:(1):135-141.. November 21, 2012.

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Arts, J., J. Fernandes, S. Schembre, S. Hirschberg and I. Lofgren. "Relationships Between Emotional Eating and Coronary Heart Disease: Risk Factors in College Students (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 26. April 2012.

Beebe, N. E., S. Manganti, L. Katkowski, M. Benson, M. J. Delmonico and I. E. Lofgren. "Comparing Diet Quality Based on a Dietary Screening Tools and the DASH Diet Index in Obese, Older Women (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 26. April 2012.

Benson, M. C., A. Katkowski, S. Magnanti, F. R. Xu, I. E. Lofgren and M. J. Delmonico. "Effect of Tai Chi on Physical Function During Weight Loss in Obese, Older Women (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 26:388. April 2012.

Byrd-Bredbenner, Carol,  Michelle Johnson, Virginia M. Quick, Jennifer Walsh, Geoffrey W. Greene, Sharon Herr, Sarah M. Colby, Kendra K. Kattelman, Beatrice W.  Phillips, Tandaloyo Kidd and Tanya M. Horacek. "Sweet and Salty: An Assessment of Snacks and Beverages Sold in Vending Machines in U.S. Post-Secondary Institution Campuses." Appetite. 48(3):1143-1151. June 2012.

Economos, D. and A. Tovar. "Promoting Health at the Community Level: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally." Childhood Obesity. 8(1):19-22. February 2012.

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Fetter, Joseph C., Rebecca N. Brown, Josef H. Gorres, Chong Lee and Jose A. Amador. "Nitrate and Phosphate Leaching Under Turfgrass Fertilized With a Squid-Based Organic Fertilizer." Water, Air and Soil Pollution. 223(4):1531-1541. May  2012.

Greaney Mary L., Faith D. Lees, Breanna Lynch, Linda Sebelia and Geoffrey W. Greene. "Using Focus Groups to Identify Factors Affecting Healthful Weight Maintenance in Latino Immigrants." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 44(5):448-453. September-October 2012.

Greene, Geoffrey W.  SEE also: Byrd-Bredbenner, Carol; Greaney Mary L.; Horacek, Tanya M.; Hordern, K. L.; Matsumoto, C. N.; Walsh, J. R.

Greene, G. and K. Weller. "Exploring Demographic and Behavioral Variables Associated With Motivational Readiness to Adopt Green Eating Behaviors (Abstract)." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 44(4,S):S19. July-August 2012.

Greene, Geoffrey W., Adrienne A. White, Sharon L. Hoerr, B. Lohse, S. M. Schembre, D. Riebe. J. Patterson and Beatrice W. Phillips. "Impact of an Online Healthful Eating and Physical Activity Program for College Students." American Journal of Health Promotion. 12(11):5850-5855. November 14, 2012.

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Horacek, Tanya M., Adrienne A. White, Geoffrey W. Greene, Melissa M. Reznar, Virginia M. Quick, Jesse S. Morrell, Sarah M. Colby, Kendra K. Kattelman, Minette S. Herrick, Karla P. Shelnutt, Anne Mathews, Beatrice W. Phillips and Carol Byrd-Bredbenner. "Sneakers and Spokes: An Assessment of the Walkability and Bikeability of U.S. Postsecondary Institutions." Journal of Environmental Health. 74(7):6-15. March 2012.

Hordern, K. L., G. W. Greene and K. J. Melanson. "Impacts of Social Factors on Free-Living Eating Rate as Assessed by Multi-Pass, 24-Hour Recalls (Abstract)." Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 112(9, Suppl.3):A-37. September 2012.

Hughes, Sheryl O., Matthew B. Cross, Erin Hennessey, Alison Tovar, Christina E. Economos and Thomas G. Power. "Caregiver's Feeding Styles Questionnaire. Establishing Cutoff Points." Appetite. 58(1):393-396. February 2012.

Katkowski, Lynn A., Marisa C. Benson, Steven Magnanti, Matthew J. Delmonico, Ingrid E. Lofgren and Furong R. Xu. "Effect of Tai Chi During Weight Loss on Body Composition in Obese, Postmenopausal Women (Abstract)." Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise." 44(2):270. May 2012.

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Lee, Chong Min.  SEE: Fetter, Joseph C.

Lofgren, Ingrid E.  SEE: Apostplidis, Emmanouil; Arts, J.; Beebe, N. E.; Benson, M. C.; Hirschberg, S.;  Katkowski, Lynn; Morrell, Jesse S.; Stovall, B. T.

Lowndes, Joshua, Diana Kawiecki, Sabrina Pardo, Vo Nguyen., Kathleen J. Melenson and Zhiping Yu. "The Effects of Four Hypocaloric Diets Containing Different Levels of Sucrose or High Fructose Corn Syrup on Weight Loss and Related Parameters." Nutrition Journal. 11:55. 6 August 2012.

Matsumoto, C. N., G. W. Greene, L. M. Sebelia and K. J. Melanson. "EPIC Modification of Within-eating Behaviors for Healthy Weight Management (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 26: April 2012.

Melanson, Kathleen J.  SEE also: Andrade, A. M.; Hordern, K. L.; Laurenius, I. Larson; Stovall, B. T.; Matsumoto, C. N.; Nguyen, Von.

Melanson, Kathleen J., Amber Summers, Von Nguyen, Jen Brosnahan, Joshua Lowndes, Theodore J. Angelopoulus and James M. Rippee. "Body Composition, Dietary Composition, and Components of Metabolic Syndrome Dietary Treatments Focused on Portion Control, Energy Density, or Glycemic Index." Nutrition Journal. 11(1):#57. 2012.  9p.

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Patnoad, Martha S.  SEE: Pivarnik, Linda F.

Pivarnik, Lori F.  SZEE also: Hirneisen, K. A.

Pivarnik, Lori F., Nicole L. Richard, Martha S. Patnoad and Rbert K. Gable. "Assessment of Food Safety Knowledge and Attitudes of Managers of Residential Childcare Institutions (RCCI) in the Northeast." Food Protection Trends. 32(6):296-308. June 2012.

Sebelia, Linda.  SEE: Greaney Mary L.; Matsumoto, C. N.

Stovall, B. T., K. Melanson, I. Lofgren and B. Newman. "Assessment of Free-Living Eating Rates With Consideration of Meal Type and Utensil Use (Abstract)." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 44(4,S):A61. July-August 2012.

Straight, Chad R., Leah H. Dorfman, Kathryn E. Cottell, Julie M. Krol, Ingrid E. Lofgren and Matthew J. Delmonico. "Effects of Resistance Training and Dietary Changes on Physical Function and Body Composition in Overweight and Obese Older Adults." Journal of Physical Activity & Health. 9(6):875-883. August 2012.

Tovar, Alison.  SEE also: Economos, D.; Hughes, Sheryl O.

Tovar, Alison, L. Chason-Taber, O. I. Bermudex, R. R. Hyatt and . Must. "Acculturation And Gestational Weight Gain in a Predominately Puerto Rican Population." BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. 12:#133. November 21, 2012.

Tovar, Alison, Emily Kuross Vikre, David M. Gute, Christina Luongo Kamins, Alex Pirie, Rebecca Boulas, Nesly Matayer and Christina D. Economos. "Development of the Live Well Curriculum for Recent Immjgrants: A Community Based Participatory Approach." Progress in Community Health Partnerships. 6(2):195-204. Summer 2012.

Tovar, Alison, Erin Hennessey, Alex Pirie, A. Must, David M. Gute, Raymmnd R. Hyatt, Christina L. Kamins, Sheryl O. Hughes, Rebecca Boulos, Sarah  Silwa, Heloisa Galvao and Christina D. Economis. "Feedings Styles and Child Weight Status Among Recent Immigrant Mother-Child Dyads." International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. 9:#62. May 29, 2012.

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Tovar, A., N. Matayer, D. M. Gute, A. Piriem, R. R. Hyatt and C. D. Economos. "Immigrating to the US: What Brazilian, Latin American and Haitian Women Have to Say About Changes to Their Lifestyle That May Be Associated With Obesity." Journal of Immigration and Minority Health. June 2012.

Walsh, J. R., A. Hebert, C. Byrd-Brenner, G. Carey, G. W. Greene, S. Hoerr, T. Horacek, K. Kattelman, T. Kidd, M. Koenings, B. Philips, K. P. Shelnutt and A. A. White. "The Development and Preliminary Validation of Behavior, Environment, and Changeability Survey (BECS)." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 44(6):490-499. 2012.