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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2012


Andersson, A. E., I. Bergh, B. Ericksson, J. Karlsson and K. Nilsson. "The Application of Evidence-Based Measures to Reduce Surgical Site Infections During Orthopedic Surgery - Report of a Single-Center Experience in Sweden." Saf Surg. 6(1):11. June 14, 2012.

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Angelini, Diane J.  SEE also: Kolosovic, I.

Angelini, Diane J. "Book Review: Essential Midwifery Practice: Expertise, Leadership, and Collaborative Working. Edited by Soo Downe, Sheena Byrom and Louis SImpson. " Journal of Women's Health. 57(4):426. 2012.

Angelini, Diane J., Shahirose Sadrudin and Carole Kenner. "From the Editors." Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing. 26(1):1-2. January/March 2012.

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Badger, James M., Rosalind Ekman Ladd and Glenn R. Friedemann. "The Hospitalized Prisoner With a Life-Threatening Illness: Criminal First and patient Second? ... cs." JONA's Healthcare Law, Ethics & Regulation. 14(2):43-47. April-June 2012.

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Bergh, Ingrid H. E.  SEE also: Andersson, Annette Erichsen; Gillsjo, Catharina.

Bergh, Ingrid H. E., Tina Sodelund, Linda Vinkerskog and Lena B. Martensson. "Reliability and Validity of the Acceptance Symptom Assessment Scale in Assessing Labour Pain." Midwifery. 28(5):e684-e688. October 2012.

Burbank, Patricia.  SEE also: Burkholder, Gary J.; Green, Harold; Rafferty, Kyle.

Burbank, Patricia. "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Older Adults."  IN: The Nurse's Role in Promoting Optimal Health of the Older Adults: Thriving in the Wisdom Years, Edited by Jean W. Lange. F. A. Davis. 2012.  p.326-335.

Burkholder, Gary J. and Patricia Burbank. "Caring for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual Parents and Their Children." International Journal of Childbirth Education. 27(4):12-18, October 2012.

Carino, Gerardo P.  SEE also: Frost, Jason; Shah, Sameer; Syed, Muhammad.

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Derauf, Chris, Linda L. Lagasse, Lynne M. Smith, Elana Newman, Rizwan Shah, Charles R. Neal, Amelia M. Arria, Marilyn A. Huestis, Sheri Della Grotto, Lynne M. Dansereau and Barry M. Lester. "Prenatal Methamphetamine Exposure and Inhibitory Control Among Young School-Age Children." Pediatrics. 126(1-2):80-86. 1 November 2012.

Dunphy, Lynne.  SEE: Longo, Joy; Srocyznski, M.

Duquette, Cathy E. "Displaying Your Credentials: Do You Have Yours in Order?" Rhode Island Nurse. 9(1):5. January 2012.

Duquette, Cathy E. "President's Message: Are You Ready for Reform?" Rhode Island Nurse. 9(1):1. January 2012.

Duquette, Cathy E. "President's Message: Change Is on the Horizon." Rhode Island Nurse. 9(2):1. April 2012.

Duquette, Cathy E. "President's Message: Securing Our Future: Doing Nothing Is Not an Option."  Rhode Island Nurse. 9(3):1. July 2012.

Duquette, Cathy E. "President's Message: Stepping Up to Advance Our Profession." Rhode Island Nurse. 9(4):1. October 2012.

Erickson-Owens, Diane A.   SEE also: Mercer, Judith S.

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Lagasse, Linda L.  SEE also: Derauf, Chris; Lester, Barry M.; Liles, Brandi D.; Shah, Rizwan; Smith, Lynne M.; Zabaneh, R.

Lagasse, Linda L., C. Derauf, L. M. Smith, E. Newman, R. Shah, C. Neal, A. Arria, M. A. Huestis, S.  Della Grotta, H. Lin, L. M. Dansereau and B. M. Lester.  "Prenatal Methamphetamine Exposure and Childhood Behavior Problems at 3 and 5 Years of Age." Pediatrics. 129(4):681-688. April 2012.

Lauzon-Clabo, Laurie.   SEE: Barksdale, Debra J.

Levin, Mary A.  SEE: Ward, Wesley.

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Longo, Joy and Lynne M. Dunphy.

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Martensson, Lena B.  SEE also: Hadjigeorgiou, Christina Kouta;  Lee, Nigel; Rilby, Linda; Svenson, A. M.; Vixner, L.

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Mercer, Judith S.  SEE also: Sommers, R.

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Miller, Robin J.   SEE: Sullivan, Mary C.

Misto, Kara.  SEE also: MacDonnell, Celia P.

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Palm, Mary Louise.  SEE:  Hogan-Quigely, Beth; Kirk, Jo Anne.

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Salisbury, Amy L.  SEE also: Coyle, Mara G.; Kaltenback, Karol.

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Schwartz-Barcott, Donna.  SEE: Gillsjo, Catharina

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Singer, Janet.  SEE: Angelini, Diane J.,

Smith, Lynne M., Monica S. Paz, Linda L. Lagasse, Chris Derauf, Elana Newman, Rizwan Shah, Amelia Arria, Marilyn A. Huestis, William Maning, W. Haning, Arthur Strauss, Sheri Della Grotta, Lynne M. Dansereau, Charles Neal and Barry M. Lester. "Maternal Depression and Prenatal Exposure to Methamphetaman: Neurodevelopmental Findings From Infant Development, Environment, and Lifestyle (Ideal) Study." Depression and Anxiety. 29:515-522. 2012.

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Steller, Julie V.  SEE: Gavronsky, Stas.

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