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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2012


Abdelehman, Mohamad A. and Giancarlo Ciccchetti. "Relationships Between National Enrichment and  Benthic Function: Local Effects and Spatial Patterns." Estuaries and Coasts. 35(1):47-59. January 2012.

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Ballard, Robert D.  SEE also: Brennan, Michael L.; Carey, Steven N.; Hurley, Graham; Ien, Marci; Lynch, Don; Noxon, Nicholas.

Ballard, Bob. Alien Deep. National Geographic. 2012.  2 Videodisks (225 min)

Ballard, Robert D. Secrets of the Titanic; 100 Year Anniversary Collection. National Geographic, Distributed by Vivendi Entertainment. 2012.  1 Videodisc (96 min.)

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Brush, Mark J.  SEE: Giordano, Juliette C. P.;  Harris, Lora A

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Campbell, Daniel E.  SEE also: Ho, Kay T.; Lu, Hongfang; Srinivasan, Ravi S.

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Carey, Steven N.  SEE also: Bell, Katherine Lynn Croff; Nomikou, Parskevi; Sakelariou, Dimitris.

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Codiga, Daniel L.  SEE also: Whitney, Michael M.; Ullman, David S.

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Collie, Jeremy S.  SEE also: Bell, Richard J.

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