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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2012

Physical Therapy

Agostinucci, James. "The Effects of Circumferential Pressure on the Soleus Muscle in F-Wave in Healthy Subjects." Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology. 22(2):223-227. April 2012.

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Duffy, Pamela A., Michael Johnson, Jane Prendergast and Linda Resnik. "Discussion Podcast--on 'A Comparison of Health Care Use for Physician-Referred and Self-Referred Episodes of Outpatient Physical Therapy'." Physical Therapy. 92(1):179. January 2012.

Marcoux, Beth C.  SEE: Black, Betch; Bock, Beth C.

McLindon, John P.  SEE: Agostinucci, James.

Resnik, Linda.  SEE also: Duffy, Pamela A.

Resnik, Linda, Marissa R. Meucci, Shana Lieberman-Klinger, Christopher Fantini, Debra L. Kelly, Roxanne Disla and Nicole Sasson. "Advanced Upper Limb Prosthetic Devices: Implications for Upper Limb Prosthetic Rehabilitation." Archives of Physical Medicine and  Rehabilitation. 93(4):710-717. April 2012.

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