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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2012

Plant Sciences & Entomology

Alm, Steven R.  SEE: Koppenhofer, A. M.

Amundsen, Keenan, Rebecca Brown, Geunhwa Jung and Scott Warnke. "Evaluation of Population Structure Within Diploid Agrostis Germplasm Based on Miniature Inverted-Repeated Transposable Elements." Crop Science. 52(4):1902-1909. July 2012.

Brown, Rebecca N.  SEE also: Amundsen, K.; Fetter, Joseph C.

Brown, Rebecca Nelson and Carl D. Sawyer. "Plant Species Diversity of Highway Roadsides in Southern New England." Northeastern Naturalist. 19(1):25-42. March 2012.

Casagrande, Richard A.  SEE: Hazelhurst, Alex F.; Sperling, Erik A.

Dellaporta, Stephen L.  SEE: Hague, Joel P.; Sperling,  Erik A.

Fetter, Joseph C., Rebecca N. Brown, Josef H. Gorres, Chong Lee and Jose A. Amador. "Nitrate and Phosphate Leaching Under Turfgrass Fertilized With a Squid-Based Organic Fertilizer." Water, Air and Soil Pollution. 223(4):1531-1541. May  2012.

Ginsberg, Howard S., Subject Editor. Journal of Medical Entomology. Vol.49, 2012.

Ginsberg, Howard S., Board of Editors. Northeastern Naturalist. Vol.18-19, 2011-2012

Giordano, Paul R., Arielle M. Chaver, Nathaniel A. Mitkowski and Joseph M. Vargas, Jr. "Identification, Characterization, and Distribution of Acidiovorax Avenae subsp a vena Associated With Creeping Bentgrass Etiolation and Decline." Plant Design. 96(12):1736-1742. December 2012.

Hague, Joel P., Stephen L. Dellaporte, Maria A. Moreno, Chip Longu, Kimberly Nelson and Albert P. Kauch. "Pollen Sterility - Apromising Approach to Gene-Confinement and Breeding for Genetically Modified Bioenergy Crops." Agriculture. 2(4):295-315. 2012.

Hazelhurst, Alex F., Aaron S. Weed, Lisa Tewksbury and Richard A. Casagrande. "Capsule Hust Specificity by Hypena Opulenta: A Potential Biological Control Agent of Vincetoxicom in North America." Environmental Entomology. 41(4):841-848. August b2012.

Hull, Richard J., Jose A. Amador, Haibo Liu and Joseph C. Fetter. "Do Organic Nitrogen Sources Leach Less Nitrate From Turf?" Turfgrass TRENDS. March 2012.  p.37-46.

Koppenhofer, A. M., Steven R. Alm, Richard S. Cowles, Benjamin A. McGraw, Stanley Swier and Patricia J. Vittum. "Controlling Annual Bluegrass Weevil: Optional Insecticide Timing and Rates." Golf Course Management. 80(3):98-102. March 2012.

Koppenhofer, A. M., Steven R. Alm, Richard S. Cowles, Benjamin A. McGraw, Stanley Swier and Patricia J. Vittum. "Managing Pyretheoid-Susceptible Bluegrass Weevil." Golf Course Management. 80(4):104-110. April 2012.

Mitkowski, Nathaniel A.   SEE also: Giordano, Paul R.

Mitkowski, Nathaniel. "Post Tenure Evaluation." URI AAUP News. XXXVII(1):2,5. September 2012.

Sperling, Erik A., Rafael D. Rosengarten, Maria A. Moreno and Stephen L. Dellaporta. "The Complete Mitochondrial Genome of the Verongid Sponge Aplysina cauliformis: Implications for DNA Barcoding in Demosponges." Hydrobiologia. 687(1):61-69. May 2012.

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