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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2012

Sociology & Anthropology

Anderson, Bradley J.  SEE: Caviness, Celeste M.; de Dios, Marcel A.; Phillips, Kristina T.; Stein, Michael D.; Strong, David R.

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Costello, Barbara J. "Teaching Sociology Online: Some Experiences, Problems, and Proposed Solutions."  IN: Torrens, Kathleen M. and Jose A. Amador, Editors. Taking It Online: A Multidisciplinary Journey. Information Age. 2012.  p.69-77.

Cunnigen, Donald.  SEE: Pumar, Enrique S.

de Dios, Marcel A., Debra S. Herman, Willoughby B. Britton, Claire E. Haggert, Bradley J. Anderson and Michael D. Stein. "Motivational and Mindfulness Intervention for Young Adult Female Marijuana Users." Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 42(1):56-64. January 2012.

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Dunsworth, Holly M.  SEE also: Conrad, Jack L.; Unger, P. S.

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Manoccia, Michael.  SEE: Veroff, D. R.

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Strong, David R., Richard A. Brown, Meredith Sims, Debra S. Herman, Bradley J. Anderson and Michael D. Stein. "Persistence on a Stress-Challenge Task Before Initiating Buprenorphine Treatment Was Associated With Successful Transition from Opioid Use to Early Abstinence." Journal of Addiction Medicine. 6(3):219-225. September 2012.

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