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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2012


Writing & Rhetoric

Anson, Chris M. and Robert A. Schwegler. "Tracking the Mind's Eye: A New Technology for Researching Twenty-First Century Writing and Reading Processes." College Composition and Communication. 64(1,S1):151-171. September 2012.

Druschke, Caroline Gottschalk, Evan Dunphy, Linda Green, Elizabeth Herron and Molly Hunt. What Is a Watershed? University of Rhode Island Watershed Watch. (URI WW-5) March 2012.  6p.

Reynolds, Nedra, Jay Dolmage, Patricia Bizzell and Bruce Herzberg  The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing. 7th ed. Bedford/St, Martinís. 2012.  336p.

Schwegler, Robert A.  SEE also: Anson, C. M.

Schwegler, Robert A. Patterns of Exposition. 20th ed. Pearson. 2012.  584p.

Trimbur, John. "Writing After Print Capitalism." Journal of Advanced Composition JAC. 32(3-4):723-731. 2012.

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