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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2013

Cell & Molecular Biology

Ahelrad, J. E., M. J. Mimiaga, C. Grosso and K. H. Meyer. "Trends in the Spectrum of Engagement in HIC Care and Subsequent Clinical Outcomes Among Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) at a Boston Community Health Center." AIDS Patient Care STDS. 27(5):287-296. May 2013.

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Atoyan, Janet A., Andrew M. Staroscik, David R. Nelson, Erika L. Patenaude, David Potts and Jose A. Amador. "Microbial Community Structure of a Leachfield Soil: Response to Intermittent Aeration and Tetracycline Addiction." Water. 5(2):505-524. June 2013.

Bertin, Yolande, Frederique Chaucheyras-Durand, C. Robbe-Masselot, Alexander Durand, Anne de la Foye, Josee Harel, Paul S. Cohen, Tyrell Conway, Evelyne Forano and Christine Martin. "Carbohydrate Utilization by Enterohuemorrhagic Escheria coli O157:H7 in Bovine Intestinal Content." Environmental Microbiology. 15(2,S1):610-622. February 13, 2013.

Bicki, Alexandra, Adam Silva, Valene Joseph, Ryan Handoko, S. V. Rico, J. Burns, Anna Simonetti, Jordan Harrop, Jennifer Nedu and Anne S. De Groot. "A Nurse-Run Walk-in Clinic: Cost Effective Alternativer to Non-Urgent Emergency Department Use by the Uninsured." Journal of Community Health. 38(6):1042-1049. December 2013.

Blackmore, C. C., J W.  Edwards, C. Searles, D.  Wechter, R. Mecklenburg and G. S. Kaplan. "Nurse Practioner-Staffed Clinic at Virginia Mason Improves Care and Lowers Cost for Women With Benign Breast Conditions." Health Affairs. 32(1):20-26. January 2013.

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Boisvert, Rebecca Anne, Meghan A. Rego, Paul A. Maurizio, Azzinaro Mauro and Niall G. Howlett. "Characterization of a Putative Nuclear Localization Signal in the Franconi Anemia D2 Protein (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 27:7578.1. April 2013.

Boisvert, Rebecca Anne, Meghan A. Rego, Paul A. Azzinarto,  Maurizio Mauro and Niall G. Howlett. "Coordinate Nuclear Targeting of the FANCD2 and FANCI Proteins Via a FAND2 Nuclear Localization Signal." PLos One. 8(11):281387. November 2013.

Brace, A. J., C. A. C. Coon, M. D. McCue, S. R. Williams and L. B. Martin. "Critical Amino Acid Allocation as a Mediator of Range Expansion in an Introduced Species  (Abstract)." Integrative & Comparative Biology. 53(S1):E252. April 2013.

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Camberg, Jodi L.  SEE: Genest, O.; Rea, Leslie.

Chan, Philip A., Shazeb Kaz, Amaad Rana, Ilyse Blazar, Collette C. Dejong, Kenneth H. Mayer, Thomas K. Huard, Kim Carleton, Fizza Gillani, Nicole Alexander, Zoanne Parillo, Timothy F. Flannigan and Rami Kantor. "New HIV Infections at Southern New England Academic Institutions: Implications for Prevention." AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. 29(1):25-29. January 2013.

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Cohen, Paul S.  SEE: Bertin, Yolande; Maltby, Rosalie.

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Cousins, L. P., Y. Su, E. McClaine, X. Li, F. Terry, R. Smith, J. Lee, W. Martin, D. W. Scott and A. S. De Groot. "Application of lgG-derived Natural Treg Epitops (lgG-deroived Trgitopes) to Antigen Specific Tolerance Induction in a Murine Model of Type 1 Diabetes." Journal of Diabetes Research. 2013:621693.

Cousins, L., L. Moise, F. Terry, W. Martin and A. DeGroot. "Immunogenic Biologics: Valkidation of Screening, Deimmunization and Tolerization Approaches (Abstract)." Journal of Immunology. 190:3251. May 1, 2013.

Cousins, L., F. Terry, M. Ardito, William Martin and A.  DeGroot. "In Silico High Throughput Pre-Clinical Determination of Monclonal Antibody Immunogenicity (Abstract)." Journal of Immunology. 190:3391. May 1, 2013.

Cousins, Leslie P., Nader Najafian, Federico Mingozzi, Wassim Elyaman, Bruce Mazer, Leonard Moise, Timothy J. Messitt, Yan Su, Mohamed Sayegh, Katherine High, Samia Khoury, David W., Scott and Anne S. De Groot. "In Vitro and In Vivo Studies of IgG-Derived Treg Epitopes (Tregitopes): A Promising New Tool for Tolerance Induction and Treatment of Autoimmunity." Journal of Clinical Immunology. 33(Suppl.1):S43-S49. 2013.

Cousens, Leslie P., Ryan Tassone, Bruce D. Mazzer, Vasanthi Ramchandran, David W. Scott and Anne DeGroot. "Tregitope Update: Mechanism of Action Parallels 1 v1g."  Autoimmunity Reviews. 12(3):436-443. January 2013.

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DeGroot,  Anne S.  SEE also: Bicki, Alexandra; Cousens, Leslie P.; Eldakroury, Ahmed; Gutierrez, Aandreas; He, Youngqun; Hui, D. J.;  Inaba, H.; Jawa, Vibha; Liu, R.; Moise, Leonard; Poole, D. N.; Spero, Denice; Su, Y.; Wei, Ruicheng.

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DeGroot, A., C. Boyle, M. Ardito, F. Terry, H. Latimer, R. Tessonbe, M. Cole, L. Moise and W. Martin. "Cross-Reactive Influenz H1N1 T Cell Epitopes Identified by Immunoinformatic Methods Stimulate CD4+T Cell Responses (Abstract)." Journal of Immunology. 190:4303. May 1, 2013.

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DeGroot, Leslie J.  SEE: Inaba, H.

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Eklund, Claire.  SEE: Ajenifuja, K. O.

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