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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2013


Anderson, Bret and Elisa Braunstein. "Economic Growth and Employment From 1990-2010: Explaining Elasticities by Gender." Review of Radical Political Economics. 45(30):269-277.  September 2013.

Burkett, J. P. "Book Review: Houghes, Douglas E. Irrationality in Health Care: What Behavioral Economics Reveals About What We Do and Why." Choice. 51(2):317. October 2013.

Burkett, John, Economic Change and Restructuring. Vol.46, 2013.

Lardaro, Leonard, Compiler. Current Conditions Index. Vol. X, 2013.

Lardaro, Leonard, Panelist. A Lively Experiment. 01 11 2013 WSBE DT.

Lardaro, Leonard. "R.I.'s Falling Jobless Rate Is Little Solace." Providence Journal. May 9, 2-13.  p.A16.

McIntyre, Richard. "Are Worker's Rights Human Rights?" ILRR Review. 64(2): 2013.

McIntyre, Richard and Michael Hilliard. "Capitalist Class Agency and the New Deal Order: Against the Notion of a Limited Capital-Labor Accord." Review of Radical Political Economics. 45(2):129-148. June 2013.

McIntyre, Richard. "Obama's Corporate Global Trade Policy." Providence Journal. August 24, 2013.

McIntyre, Richard. "Radical Labor Economics, Labor History, and Employment Relations: The State of the Conversation." Labor: Studies in Working Class History of the Americas. 9(4):75-81. Winter 2013.

McIntyre, Richard. "Under NAFTA, Property Has Trumped Love." Providence Journal. December 27, 2013.

Van Horn, Robert. "Hayek's Unacknowledged Disciple: An Exploration of the Political and Intellectual Relationship of F. A. Hayeck and Aaron Director." Journal of History of Economic Thought. 35(3):271-290. 2013.

Van Horn, Robert and Monica Van Horn. "What Would Adam Smith Have on His iPod? Uses of Music in Teaching the History of Economic Thought." Journal of Economic Education. 44(1):64-73. January 2013.

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