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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2013

Human Development & Family Studies

Adams, Sue K., Editor in Chief. Health Service Insights. 2013

Adams, Sue K. and Tiffani S. Kisler. "Sleep Quality as a Mediator Between Technology-Related Sleep Quality, Depression, and Anxiety." Cyberpsychology Behavior and Social Networking. 16(1):25-30. January 2013.

Chapin, Rosemary K., Julie F. Sergeant, Sarah Landry, Skye N. Lededahl, Roxanne Rachlin, Terry Koenig, and Annette Graham. "Reclaiming Joy: Pilot Evaluation of a Mental Health Peer Support Program for Older Adults Who Receive Medicaid." Gerontologist. 53(2):345-352. April 2013.

Clark, Phillip G.  SEE also: Filinson, R.; Hean, Sarah.

Clark, Phillip G. "Toward a Transtheoretical Model of Interprofessional Education: Stages, Processes and Forces Support in Institutional Change." Journal of Interprofessional Care. 27(1):43-49. January 2013.

Clark, Phillip G. "Understanding Aging and Disability Perspectives on Home Care: Uncovering Facts and Values in Public Policy Narratives and Discourse."  IN: Researching Social Gerontology. Vol.IV: Cross-Cutting Epistemological Issues. Edited by Malcolm Q. Cutchen, Caroline L. Kemp and Victor W. Marshall. Sage. 2013. p.341-362.

Cooper, Mick, Dave Stewart, Jacqueline Sparks and LIsa Bunting. "School-Based Counseling Using Systematic Feedback: A Cohort Study Evaluating Outcomes and Predictions of Change." Psychotherapy Research. 23(4):474-488. July 2013.

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Kim, H. "Passion on Teaching Beliefs and Efficacy." Academic Exchange Quarterly. 2013.

Kisler, Tiffani S.  SEE: Adams, Sue K.

Leedahl, Skye N.  SEE also: Chapin, Rosemary K.

Leedahl, S. K. and K. DePaolis. "Making Sense Out of the 'Social' Variables: Assessment of Multiple Constructs of Social Integration for Older Adults in Nursing Homes (Abstract)." Gerontologist. 53(Suppl):95. 2013.

Marshall, Robert J. "Influenza Vaccine Use Among Health Care Workers: Social Marketing, Policy, and Ethics." Social Marketing Quarterly. 19(4):222-229. 2013.

Mena, Jasmine A. and Annmarie Vaccaro. "Tell Me You Love Me No Matter What: Relationships and Self-Esteem Among GLBT Young Adults." Journal of GLBT Family Studies. 9(1):3-23. January  2012.

Newman, Barbara M.  SEE: Xiao, Jing Jian.

Prochaska, J. J., J. M. Prochaska, J. O. Prochaska. Building a Science for Multiple Risk Behavior Change. 4th ed. Cengage . Brooks Cole. 2013.

Prochaska, Janice M.  SEE also: Johnson, Janet L.; Prochaska, J. J.; Xiao, Jing Jian.

Prochaska, Janice M. "Book Review: Youth Violence: Theory, Prevention, and Intervention, by Kathryn Seifert." Families in Society. vol.94, 2013.

Prochaska, Janice M., Consulting Editor. Social Work. Vol.58, 2013.

Sparks, Jacqueline.  SEE also: Cooper, Mick.

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Vaccaro, Annemarie.  SEE also: Mena, Jasmine A.

Vaccaro, Annemarie. "Building a Framework for Social Justice Eduction: One Educator's Journey."  IN: Landreman, L. and L. Mrozek, Editors. ACPA Monograph on Social Justice Education Facilitation. Stylus. 2012.

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