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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2013


American Band (Cardany). November 17, 2013.

Buttery, Gary.  SEE:  "URI Faculty Heat....

Cardany, Brian.  SEE also: American Band; Pass; URI Concert Band.

Conley,  Mark.  SEE also: URI Choral....

Conley,  Mark.  "Kuyimba, Kuvina, Kuphunzira [To Sing, to Dance, to Learn]". The Long Run. 31.07.2013.

Danis, Ann.  SEE: URI Symphony Orchestra.

de la Garza, Rene.  SEE: "Opera Workshop...;  Cardany.

Dennewitz, John,  SEE:p  Guitar Night.

End of Semester Jazz Series: Student Combos, Joseph Parillo, CooRdinator. November 26, 2013.

Franz & Francis. A Celebration of the Music of Franz Schubert and Francis Poulenc (Takasawa, Frazier). URI Fine Arts Center. October 19, 2013.

Frazier, Margaret.  SEE: Franz & Francis.

Guitar Night (Dennewitz).  October 27, 2013.

Hofbauer, Eric.  SEE also "URI Faculty Heat....

Hofbauer, Eric. American Grace. Creative Nation Music. March 2013.  (CD)

Howell, Anthony.  SEE: Norris, Doug; Shanahan, Maria.

Monllos, John.  SEE: "URI Faculty Heat...; Rau, Elizabeth.

Murray, Jane.  SEE: URI Student Chamber....

Norris, Doug. "Howell Takes the Baton for 'Twelfth Night'." South County Independent. January 10, 2013.  p.C1,C6.

O'Connor, Kelli, Clarinet. Radiance Woodwind Quartet. Fall 2013.  (CD)

Opera Workshop ( de la Garza, Director). URI Fine Arts Center. November 24, 2013.

"Opera Workshop Director Solos for 'Bangkok Recital' (de la Garza)." South County Independent. January 3, 2013.  p.C3.

Parillo, Joseph.  SEE: End of Semester....

Pass in Review: URI Marching Band, Brian Cardany, Director. November 2, 2013.

"Piano Extravaganza! Features Two Rising Stars (Takasawa)." South County Independent. April 4, 2012.  p.C2.

Pollart, Gene.   SEE: URI Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

Rau, Elizabeth. "High Note:  URI Jazz Big Band Invited to Play at Newport Jazz Fest (Monllos)." South County Independent. August 1, 2013.  p.C1,C6.

Shanahan. Maria. "One of the Most Unique Forms of Theatre in North America (Howell)." TIME OUT. January 10/11, 2013.  p.1.

Sims, Jared.  SEE: "URI Jazz Ensemble..,."

Takasawa, Manabu.  SEE also: Franz & Francis; "Piano Extravaganza....;"  Tomaiolo, Kristen.

Takasawa, Manabu. Piano Music  From the World (Concert). October 6, 2013.

Tomaiolo, Kristen. "URI Music Department Delivers Impressive Events This Fall (Takasawa)." South County Independent. September 19, 2013.  p.C1-C2.

URI Choral Collage (Conley, Coordinator). November 2, 2013.

URI Concert Band, Brian Cardany, Conductor. March 1, 2013; October 10, 2013; November 22, 2013.

"URI Faculty Heat Up the CD Scene ( Hofbauer, Buttery, Monllos)." 2013.

"URI Jazz Ensemble Workshop for High School Students (Sims)." TIMEOUT; Narragansett Times. September 6, 2013.  p.5.

URI Student Chamber Ensembles (Murray). November 24, 2013.

URI Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Gene Pollart, Conductor. March 3, 2013; October 27, 2013; December 7, 2013.

URI Symphony Orchestra, Ann Danis, Conductor. March 2, 2013; October 26, 2013.

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