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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2013

Nutrition & Food Sciences

Arts, Jennifer, Garrick A. Brown, Geoffrey W. Greene and Ingrid E. Lofgren. "Dietary Intake and Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors in College Students (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 27:857.7. August 2013.

Babula, Katherine, Mary Kavanagh and Kathleen Melanson. "A Survey of Added Sugars Within the American Food Supply  FASEB Journal. 27:842.19. August 2013.

Beebe, N., S. Magnanti, L. Katkowski, M. Benson, F. Xu, M. J. Delmonico and I. E Lofgren. "Effects of the Addiction of Tai' Chi to a Weight Loss Program on  Lipoprotein  Atherogenicity In Obese Older Women." Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine. 19(9):759-766. September 2013.

Bekke, Jillian, Jonathan Letendre, Nowen Beebe, Furong Xu, Ingrid Lofgren and Matthew J. Delmonico. "Effects of a Dietary and Tai Chi Intervention on Body Composition in Obese Older Women (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 27:1068.2. August 2013.

Bennett, Jessica, Geoffrey Greene and Donna Schwartz-Barcott. "Perceptions of Emotional Eating Behavior. A Qualitative Study of College Students." Appetite. 60(1):187-192. 1 January 2013.

Brown, Garrick A., Jennifer Arts, Jessica T. Nash, Ingrid Lofgren and Matthew J. Delmonico. "Green Eating and Dietary Quality in University Students (Abstract).  FASEB Journal. 27:1065.15. August 2013.

Byrd-Benner, C., V. Quick, A. White, O. Brown, S. Colby, S. Shoff, B. Louise, G. Greene, T. Horacek and T. Kidd. "Eat, Sleep, Work, Play: Relationships Among Health-Related Behaviors of Young Adults by Weight Status." Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. 63(S1):863. September 2013.

Carbone, Elena T., Stanley E. Scarpati and Lori F. Pivarnik. "Food Safety Practices Assessment Tool: An Innovative Way to Test Food Safety Skills Among Individuals With Special Needs." Journal of Food Science Education. 12(1):7-16. January  2013.

Choumenkovitch, Silvina Furlong, Alison  Tovar, David M. Gute, Aviva Msut, Raymond R. Hyatt, Gail Rogers, Alex Pirie, Nesly Metayer and Christina D. Eonomos. "Food Group Consumption and Its Association With BMI z-Score, Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Characteristics in Recent Immigrants (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 27:617.16. April 2013.

Choumenkovitch, Silvina F., Nicole M. McKeown, Alison Tovar, Raymond R. Hyatt, Vivice I; Kraak, Alia V. Hastings, Julia B. Herzog and Christina D. Economos. "Whole Grain Consumption Is Inversely Associated With BMI Z-Score in Rural School-Aged Children." Public Health Nutrition. 16(2):212-218. February 2013.

Das, S., X. Banquy, B. Zappone, G. W. Greene, G. D. Jay and J. N. Israelachevii. "Synergistic Interactions Between Grafted Hyaluronic Acids and Lubricin Provide Enhanced Wear Protection and Lubrication." Biomacromolecules. 14(5):1669-1677. May 13, 2013.

Dour, Colleen A., Tanya M. Horach, Susan M. Schembe, Barbara Lohse, Sharon Hoerr, Kendra Kattelmann, Adrianne A. White, Suzanne Shoff, Beatrice Phillips and Geoffrey Greene. "Process Evaluation of Project WebHealth: A Nondieting Web-Based Intervention for Obesity Prevention in College." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour.45(4):288-295. July/August  2013.

Fernandes, Jill, Jennifer Arts, Elizabeth Dimond, Shira Hirshberg and Ingrid E. Lofgren. "Dietary Factors Are Associated With Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors: College Students." Nutrition Research. 33(8):647-652. August 2013.

Greene, Geoffrey W.  SEE also: Bennett, Jessica; Brown, Garrick A.; Das, S.; Dour, Colleen A.; Kattelman, Kendra K.; Mackenzie, Rupport, McPartland, Steven J.; Nash, Jessica; Petty, Amanda J.; Quick, V.; Vandeputte, Elizabeth; Walsh, Jennifer.

Greene, Geoffrey W., Colleen A. Redding, James O. Prochaska, Andrea L. Paiva, Joseph S. Rossi, Wayne F. Velicer, Bryan Blissmer and Mark L. Robbins. "Baseline Transtheoretical and Dietary Behavioral Predictors of Dietary Fat Moderation over 12 and 24 Months." Eating Behavior. 14(3):255-262. August 2013.

Horacek, Tanya M., Marian B. Erdman, Carol Byrd-Benner, Gale Carey, Sarah M. Colby, Geoffrey W. Greene, Wen Guo, Kendra K. Kattelman, Melissa Olfert, Jennifer Walsh and Adrienne B. White. "Assessment of the Dining Environment on and Near the Campuses of Fifteen Post-Secondary Institutions." Public Health Nutrition. 16(7):1186-1196. July 2013.

Hughes, S. O., L. A. Frankel, A. Beltrane, E. Hodges, J. Lumeng, A. Tovar and S. Kremers. "Food Parenting Measurement Issues: Working Group Consensus Report." Childhood Obesity. 9:S95-S102. August 2013e.

Kattelmann, Kendra K., A. White, G. Greene, C. Byrd-Bredbanner, S. Nitzke, T. Horacek, S. Hoerr, T. Kidd, B. Phillips, S. Colby, O. Brown, K. Shelnutt, M. Olfert and J. Stabile Morrill. "Development of a Randomized Trial Guided by the Process of PRECEDE -PROCEED for the Prevention of Excessive Weight Gain in Communities of Young Adults (Abstract)." Journal of Nutrition  Education and Behavior. 45(4,S):S92. July-August 2013.

Kattelmann, K., A. White, C. Byrd-Bredbanner, G. Greene, T. Horacek, T. Kidd, B. Phillips, S. Colby, O. Brown, S. Hoekro, K. Shelnutt, M. Olfert and J. S. Morrill. "Project Teach Development of a Web-Delivered Theory-Based Intervention for Preventing Excess Weight Gain in Young Adults.'' Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. 63(S1):487-488. 2013.

Laurenius, A., I. Larsson, K. J. Melanson, A. K. Linderoos, H. Lonmroth, I. Bosaeus and T. Olbers. "Decreased Energy Density and Food Changes in Food Selection Following Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass." European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 67(2):168-173. February 2013.

Letendre, Jonathan M., Jillian Bekke, Nowen Beebe, Ingrid E. Lofgren, Furong Xu and Matthew J. Delmonico. "The Effects of Tai Chi Plus Behaviorally-Based Dietary Weight Loss on Physical Functioning in Community-Dwelling Obese Older Women (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 27:721.11. August 2013.

Lofgren, Ingrid E.  SEE: Beebe, N.; Brown, Garrick A.; Fernandes, Jill; Letendre, Jonathan M.; Nash, Jessica; Vandeputte, Elizabeth.

Mackenzie, Ruppert, B. S. Colby, K. Shellnutt, G. Greene, O. Brown, L. Franzen-Castle and T. Kidd. "Cognitive Interviewing in Survey Development (Abstract)." Journal of Nutrition  Education and Behavior. 45(4,S):S73-74. July-August 2013.

McPartland, Steven J., Jessica T. Nash, Kathleen Melenson, Rachel Hull, Adrienne A. White, Tanya M. Horacek, Geoffrey Greene. "Environmentally Conscious Behavior at Three Northeastern Universities (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 27:1065.14. August 2013.

Melanson, Kathleen J.  SEE: Babula, Katherine; Laurenius, A.; McPartland, Steven J.; Petty, Amanda J.

Nash, Jessica, Kelleigh Eastman, Norbert Mundorf and Geoffrey Greene. "The 'Green Eating' Project: A Pilot Intervention to Promote Sustainable and Healthy Eating in College (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 27:1065.14. 2013.

Nash, Jessica, J. Arts, I. Lofgren and G. Greene. "Stage Stability and Test-Retest Reliability of the Green Eating Survey (Abstract)." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 45(4):43-44. July/August  2013.

Petty, Amanda J., Kathleen J. Melanson and Geoffrey W. Greene. "Self-Reported Eating Aligns With Laboratory Measured Eating Rate But Not With Free-Living Meals." Appetite. 63:36-41. 1 April 2013.

Pivarnik, Lori F.  SEE also: Carbone, Elena T.

Pivarnik, Lori F., Cameron Faustman, Surendranath P. Suman, Catherine Palmer, Nicole Richard, P. Christopher Ellis and Michael D. Liberati. "Quality Assessment of Commercially Processed Carbon Monoxide-Treated Tilapia Fillets." Journal of Food Science. 78(6):S902-S910. June 2013.

Quick, V., C. Byrd-Bredbanner, O. Brown, S. Colby, S. Shoff, A. White, B. Lohse, G. Greene and T. Kid. "Relationships Among Sleep Duration, Weight-Related Behaviors, and BMI in College Students  (Abstract)" Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 113(9,S): September 2013.

Taetzsch, Amy, Dona Lubuono, Noween, Beebe, Jonathan Letendre, Jillian Bekke, Matthew Delmonico, Furong Xu and Ingrid Lofgren. "The Effects of Behaviorally-Based Diet Evaluation and Tai-Chi on Dietary Intake and Resiliency in Community Dwelling Older Adults (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 27:245.3. August 2013.

Tovar, Alison.  SEE also: Choumenkovitch, Silvina Furlong; Hughes, S. O.

Tovar, Alison, Rebecca Boulos, Sarah Sliwa, Aviva Must, David M. Gute, Nesly Metayer, Raymond R. Hyatt, Kenneth Chui, Alex Pirie, Christina Kamis Luongo and Christina Economos. "Baseline Socio-Demographic Characteristics and Self-Reported Diet and Physical Activity Shifts Among Recent Immigrants Participating in the Randomized Controlled Lifestyle Intervention: 'Live Well'." Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. 2013.

Tovar, Alison, Erin Hennessy, Aviva Must, Sheryl O. Hughes, David M. Gute, Sarah Sliwa, Rebecca J. Boulos, Emily Kuross Vikre, Christina Luongo Kamins, Kerline Tofuri, Alex Pirie and Christina D. Economos. "Feeding Styles and Evening Family Meals Among Recent Immigrants." International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. 10:#84. June 26, 2013.  8p.

Tovar, A., A. Must, N. Metayer, D. M. Gute, A. Pirie, R. R. Hyatt and C. D Economos. "Immigrating to the US: What Brazilian, Latin Americans and Haitian Women Have to Say About Changes to Their Lifestyle That May Be Associated With Obesity." Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. 15:357-364. 2013.

Vandeputte, Elizabeth, Jessica T. Nash, Katie Weller, Geoffrey W. Greene and Ingrid E. Lofgren. "Relationship Between Green Eating and Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors in College Students  (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 27:1065.13. August 2013.

Walsh, Jennifer, C. Byrd-Bredbenner, K. Kattleman, S. Colby, G. Greene, S. Hoerr, A. A. White, J. Stabile Morrell, T. Horacek, O. Brown-Esters, T. Kidd, M. Koenings, B. Phillips, K. P. Shelnutt and M. Olfert. "Examining Differences in Anthropometric Measure and Dietary Intake of Young Adults Attending College or Vocational Programs  (Abstract)." Journal of Nutrition  Education and Behavior. 45(4,S):S92. July-August 2013.

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