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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2013

Natural Resources Science

Addy, Kelly, Art Gold, Mark Stolt and Sean Donohue. "Groundwater Denitrification Capacity and Nitrous Oxide Flux of Former Fringing Salt Marshes Filled With Human Transported Materials." Urban Ecosystems. 16(2):295-311. June 2013.

Alan, Rebecca R., Scott R. McWilliams and Kevin J. McGraw. "The Importance of Antioxidants for Avian Fruit Selection During Autumn Migration." Wilson Journal of Ornithology. 125(3):513-525. September 2013.

Alan, Rebecca R. and Scott R. McWilliams. "Oxidative Stress, Circulating Antioxidents, and Dietary Preferences in Songbirds." Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Pt. B-Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 164(3):185-193. March 2013.

Amador, Jose A.  SEE also: Atoyan, Janet A.; Chrysochoou, Maria; Fetter, Joseph C.; Masse, Roger J.; Ramos, Cynthia.

Amador, Jose A., Kristopher Winiarski and David Sotomayor-Ramirez. "Earthworm Communities Along a Forest-Coffee Agroecosystem Gradient: Preliminary Evidence Supporting the Habitat-Dependent Feeding Hypothesis." Tropical Ecology. 54(3):365-374. September 2013.

Amador, Jose, Editorial Board. ISRN Soil Science. 2013.

Amador, Jose A. and Helen Mederer. "Migrating Successful Student Engagement Strategies Online: Opportunities and Challenges Using Jigsaw Groups and Problem-Based Teaching." Journal of Online Learning and Teaching. 9(1):89-105. March 2013.

Amador, Jose A. and Edward J. Avizinis. "Response of Nitrous Oxide Flux to Addition of Anecic Earthworms to an Agricultural Field." Open Journal of Soil Science. 3(2w):100-106. June 2013.

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Aubrey, Lise M., Robert F. Rockwell, Evan G. Cooch, Rodney W. Brooks, Christa P. H. Mulder and David N. Koons. "Climate Change, Phenology, and Habitat Degradation: Drivers of Gosling Body Condition and Juvenile Survival in Lesser Snow Geese." Global Change Biology. 19:149-160. 2013.

August, Peter.  SE: Bowman, Alexandrea; Murdukhayeva, Angelica; Ruddock, Kevin.

Bauer, Carolyn M., Gosta Nachman, Sara M. Lewis, Lynn F. Faust and J. Michael Reed. "Modeling Effects of Harvest on Firefly Population Persistence." Ecological Modelling. 256:43-52. May 10, 2013.

Ben-Hamo, Miriam, Marshall D. McCue, Inna Khozin-Goldberg, Scott R. McWilliams and Berry Pinshaw. "Ambient Temperature and Nutritional Stress Influence Fatty Acid Composition of Structural and Fuel Lipids in Japanese Quail (Corturnix jaoponica) Tissues." Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part A Molecular & Inetgrative Physiology. 166(2):244-250. October 2013.

Berger, K. A., Y. Wang and T. N. Mather. "MODIS-Derived Land Surface Moisture Conditions for Maintaining Blacklegged Tick Habitat in Southern New England." International Journal of Remote  Sensing. 34(1):73-85. 2012.

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Burgin, Amy J., Julia G. Lazar, Peter M. Groffman, Arthur J. Gold and D. Q. Kellogg. "Balancing Nitrogen Retention Ecosystem Services and Greenhouse Gas Disservices at the Landscape Scale." Ecological Engineering. 56(s1):26-35. July 2013.

Bowman, Alexandrea, Dawn Cardace and Pete August. "Using a GIS Site Suitability Analysis to Inform Geobiology (Abstract)." Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 45(1):113. March 2013.

Cerrato, Robert M.  SEE: McNamara, Marianne E.

Chang, Jie, Xu Wu, Yan Wang, Laura A. Meyerson, Baojing Gu, Yong Min, Lui Xue, Changhui Peng and Ying  Ge. "Does Growing Vegetables in Plastic Greenhouses Enhance Regional Ecosystem Services Beyond Food Supply?" Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 11(1):43-49. February 2013.

Chrysochoou, Maria, Xialong Zhang and Jose A. Amador. "Aerobic Cr(VI) Reduction by Bacteria in Culture and Soil Conditions." Soil and Sediment Contamination. 2(3)2:273-287. April 2013.

Compton, Jana E.  SEE: McCrackin, Michelle L.; Porter, Ellen M.; Sobota, Daniel J.

Costa, Karina H. and Peter M. Groffman. "Factors Regulating Net Methane Flux by Soils in Urban Forests and Grasslands." Soil Science Society of America Journal. 77(3):850-855. May 2013.

Cui, Shenghui, Yalan Shi, Peter M. Groffman, William H. Schlesinger and Yong-Guan Zhu. "Centennial-Scale Analysis of the Creation and Fate of Reactive Nitrogen in China (1910-2010)." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. 110(6):2052-2057. February 5, 2013.

Dane, Benjamin, Rebecca Harris and J. Michael Reed. "Female Goldeneye Ducks (Bucephala clangula) Do Not Discriminate Among Male Precopulatory Display Patterns." PLoS One. 8(3):e57589. March 14, 2013.

Detenbeck, E.  SEE: Smucker, Nathan J.

Dibble, Kimberly L., Penelope S. Pooler and Laura A. Meyerson. "Impacts of Plant Invasions Can Be Reversed Through Restoration: A Regional Meta-Analysis of Faunal Communities." Biological Invasions. 15(8):1725-1737. August 2013.

Eldridge, Mark D. B.  SEE: Neaves, Linda E.

Fahey, Timothy J., Joseph B. Yavitt, Ruth E. Sherman, John C. Maerz, Peter M. Groffman, Melany C. Fisk and Patrick J. Bohlen. "Earthworms, Litter and Soil Carbon in a Northern Hardwood Forest." Biogeochemistry (Dordrecht). 114(1-3):269-280. July 2013.

Fahey, Timothy J., Joseph B. Yavitt, Ruth E. Sherman, John C.  Maerz, Peter M. Groffman and Guoliang Wang. "Partitioning of Belowground C in Young Sugar Maple Forest." Plant and Soil. 367(1-2):379-389. June 2013.

Fetter, Joseph C., Rebecca N. Brown and Jose A. Amador. "Effectiveness of Squid Hydrolysate as a Home Lawn Fertilizer." Hortscience. 48(3):380-385. March 2013.

Forrester, Graham E.  SEE also: Merolle, Sarah A.; Wormald, C. L.

Forrester, Graham E., Kerianne Taylor, Stephanie Schofield and Amy Maynard. "Colony Growth of Corals Transplanted for Restoration Depends on Their Site of Origin and Environmental Factors." Marine Ecology. 34(2):186-192. June 2013.

Forrester, Graham, Russell Dauksis and Megan Ferguson. "Should Coral Fragments Collected for Restoration Be Subdivided to Create More, Smaller Pieces for Transplanting?" Ecological Restoration. 31(4):4-7. March 2013.

Gao, Jinbo, Qian Wu, Qingliang Li, Jun Ma, Qiufang Xu, Peter M. Groffman and Shen Yu. "Preliminary Results From Monitoring of Stream Nitrogen Concentrations, Denitrification, and Nitrification Potentials in an Urbanizing Watershed in Xiamen, Southeast China." International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology. 20(3,Sp.Iss.S1):223-230. June 1, 2013.

Gold, Arthur J.  SEE also: Addy, Kelly; Burgin, Amy; Liu, Tingting.

Gold, A. J., D. Parker, R. M. Waskom, J. Dobrowolski, M. O'Neill, P. M. Groffman, K. Addy, M Barber, S. Batie,k B. Benham, T. Blewett, C. Evansen, K. Farrell-Poe, C. Gardner,m W. Graham, J. Harrison, T. Hartner, J. Jushner, R. Lowrance, R. Mahler, M. McClaran, M. McFarland, D. Osmond, J. Pritchett, L. Prokopy, C.  Rock, A. Shober, M. Silitonga, D. Swackhamer, J. Thurston, D. Todey, R. Turco, G. Vellidis and L. Wright Morton. "Advancing Water Resou5rce Management in Agricultural, Rural, and Urbanizing Watersheds: Why Land-Grant Universities Matter, (Research Editorial)." Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 68(4):337- 2013.

Groffman, Peter M.  SEE: Bettez, Neil D.; Burgin, Amy J.; Col, Shenghui; Costa, H.; Fahey, Timothy J.; Gao, Jinbo; Gold, A. J.; Hager, Guy W.; Jahangir, M. M. R.

Guo, Wen-Yong, Carla Lambertini, Xiu-Zhen Li, Laura A. Meyerson and Hans Brix. "Invasion of Old World Phragmites australis in the New World: Precipitation and Temperature Patterns Combined With Human Influences Redesign of the Invasive Niche." Global Change Biology. 19(11):34006-3422. November 2013.

Hager, Guy W., Kenneth T. Belt, William Stack, Kimberly Burgess, J. Morgan Grove,, J. Morgan, Bess Caplan, Mary Hardcastle, Desiree Shelley, Steward T. A. Pickett and Peter M. Groffman. "Sociological Revitalization of an Urban Watershed." Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 11(1):28-36. February 2013.

Hall, Zachary J., Ulf Bauchinger, Alexander R. Gerson, Edwin R. Price, Lillie A. Langlois, Michelle Boyles, BArbara Pierce, Scott R. McWilliams, David F. Sherry and Scott A. MacDougall-Shakelton. "Site-Specific Regulation of Adult Neurogenesis by Dietary Fatty Acid Content, Vitamin E and Flight Exercise in European Starlings." European Journal of Neuroscience. 2013:1-8.

Han, Yang, Yun-Sheng Zhao and Ye-Qiao Wang. "Study on the Responsse to the Soil Moisture Polarized SPectgrum Under Viusible-Near Infrared Band." Guang Pu Xue Yu Guang Pu Fen Xi/Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis. 33(8):2071-2074 August 2013.

Iles, David T., Robert F. Rockwell, Paul Matulonis, Gregory J. Robertson, Kenneth F. Abraham, J. Chris Davies and David N. Koons. "Predators, Alternative Prey and Climate Influence Annual Breeding Success of a Long-Lived Sea Duck." Journal of Animal Ecology. 82(3):683-693. May 2013.

Jahangir, M. M. R., P. Johnston, K. Addy, M. I Khalil, P. M. Groffman and K. G. Richards. "Quantification of In  Situ Denitrification Rates in Groundwater Below and Arable and a Grassland System." Water, Air and Soil Pollution. 224:1693- 2013.

Karraker, Nancy E. "Shading Mediates the Interaction Between an Amphibian and a Predatory Fly." Herpetologica. 69(3):257-264. September 2013.

Kellogg, Dorothy Q.  SEE: Burgin, Amy; Liu, Tingting; Passeport, Elodie.

Kelt, D. A., P. L. Meserve, W. Bryan Milstead and M. A. Previtali. "Long-Term Monitoring of Mammals in the Face of Biotic and Abiotic Influences at a Semiarid Site in North-Central Chile (Abstract)." Ecology. 94(4):977. April 2013.

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Masse, Roger J., Brian C. Tefft, Jose A. Amador and Scott R. McWilliams. "Why Woodcock Commute: Testing the Foraging-Benefit and Predation-Risk Hypotheses." Behavioral Ecology. 24(6):1348-1355. November  2013.

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McKinney, Richard A.   SEE also:  Raposa, Kenneth Bryan.

McKinney, Richard A. and Kenneth B. Raposa. "Factors Influencing Expanded Use of Urban Marine Habitats by Foraging Wading Birds. "Urban Ecosystems. 16(3):411-428. September 2013.

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McWilliams, Scott R.  SEE also: Alan, Rebecca R.; Bolser, Jessica A.; Brace, A. J.; Hall, Zachary J.; Loring, Pamela H.; Masse, Roger J.; Richman, S.; Winiarski, Kristopher J.

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Meyerson, Laura A.  SEE also: Chang, Jie; Dibble, Kimberly L.; Guo, Wen-Yong; Jorgensen, Dolly; Miranda Jr., Robert.

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Milstead, W. Bryan.  SEE: Kelt, D. A.

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Steele, Mark A.  SEE: Krug, Jenna M.; Wormald, C. L.

Stolt, Mark H.  SEE: Addy, Kelly; Richardson, Mattew; Ricker, Matthew C.

Tefft, Brian C.  SEE: Masse, Roger J.

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