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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2013


Abar, Beau, Linda L. Lagasse, Trecin Woudes, Chris Derauf, Elano Newman, Riziora Shah, Lynne M. Smith, Amelia Arria, Maylin A.. Huesfis, Sheri Dellagroitta, Lynne M. Dansereau, Tara Wilcox, Charles R. Beal and Barry M. Lester,. "Cross-National Comparison of Prenatal Methamphetamine Exposure on Infant and Early Child Physical Growth: A Natural Experiment." Prevention Science. 2013.

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Burbank, Patricia.  SEE also: Filinson, R.; Wang, T.

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Dunphy, Lynne M.  SEE also: Cloud, Mary E.; Winland-Brown, Jill E.

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Duquette, Cathy E. "President's Message: Strength in Numbers." Rhode Island Nurse. 10(2):1. April-June 2-13.

Duquette, Cathy E. "President's Message: 'Tis the Season." Rhode Island Nurse. 10(1):1. January-March 2013.

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Martins, Diane C.  SEE also: Curtin, Alicia J.

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Stoukides, John A.  SEE: Filinson, R.

Sullivan, Mary C.  SEE: Hawes, Katheleen; Winchester, Suzy B.

Thompson, Marcella Remer.   SEE also: Burdon, Andrea M.

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Wu, Min, Linda L. LaGasse, Tecia A. Wouldes, Amelia M. Arria, Tara Wilcox, Chris DeRauf, Elana Newman, Rizwan Shah, Lynne M. Smith, Charles R. Neal, Marilyn A. Huestis, Sheri DellaGrotta and Barry M. Lester. "Predictors of Inadequate Prenatal Care in Methamphetamine-Using Mothers in New Zealand and the United States." Maternal & Child Health Journal. 17(3):566-575. April 2013.

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