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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2013

Sociology & Anthropology

Amador, Jose A. and Helen Mederer. "Migrating Successful Student Engagement Strategies online: Opportunities and Challenges Using Jigsaw Groups and Problem-Based Teaching." Journal of Online Learning and Teaching. 9(1):89-105. March 2013.

Anderson, Bradley J.  SEE: Caviness, C. M.

Blowers, Anita N. and Jill K. Doerner. "Sentencing Outcomes of the Older Prison Population: An Exploration of the Age Leniency Argument." Journal of Crime and Justice. 2013.

Caviness, C. M., C. E. Hagerty, B. J. Anderson, M. A.  de Dios, J. Hayaki and M. D. Stein. "Self-Efficacy and Motivation to Quit Marijuana Use Among Young Women." American Journal of Addictions. 22(4):373-380. 2013.

Conrad, Jack L., Kristen Jenkins, Thomas Lehmann, Frederick K. Manthi, Daniel J. Peppe, Sheila Nightingale, Adam Cossette, Holly M. Dunsworth, William E. H. Harcourt-Smith and Kieran P. McNulty. "New Specimens of 'Crocodylis' pigotti (Crocodylidae) From Rusinga Island, Kenya, and Generic Reallocation of the Species." Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. 33(3):629-646. 2013.

Costello, Barbara J. "No Guns Needed (Letter)." Providence Journal. May 20, 2013.  p.A13. 

Cunnigen, Donald.  SEE also: Perry, Ravi K.

Cunnigen, Donald. "Book Review: Tomiko Brown-Nagin. Courage to Dissent: Atlanta and the Long History of the Civil Rights Movement." Journal of African-American History. 98(1):156-157. Winter 2013.

Doerner, Jill K.  SEE: Blowers, Anita N.

Dunsworth, Holly M.  SEE also: Conrad, J. L.; McCollum, Mark Samson; Organ, J. M.; Pontzer, Herman; Rolian, C.; Shearer, Brian M.

Dunsworth, Holly M. "Book Review: Children of Time: Evolution and the Human Story, by Anne H. Weaver." Reports of the National Center for Science Education. 33(2): March-April 2013.

Dunsworth, H. M. "Encephalized Bipodal Apes." Palaeontology Fossil Focus. September 2013.

Dunsworth, Holly M. "Genotyped Undergraduates: Better Learners and Leaders in the Personal Genomics Era (Abstract)." Journal of Physical Anthropology. 150(S56):116. 2013.

Dunsworth, Holly, Editor. Human Fossil Record.

Dunsworth, H. M. "The Sub-Saharan Origins of Cercopithecoids, Hominoids, Hominins, and Humans (Abstract)."  Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 45(7): 2013.

Garcia-Quijano, Carlos.  SEE: Griffith, David.

Griffith, David, Carlos Garcia-Quijano and Manuel Valdes Pizzini. "A Fresh Defense: A Cultural Biography of Quality in Puerto Rican Fishing." American Anthropologist. 115(1):17-28. March 2013.

Levine, Leslie C., Christine Zozula and Pedter Siegelman. "The Questionable Character of the Bar's Character and Fitness Inquiry." Law & Society Quarterly. 2013.

Levine, Leslie C., Christine Zozula and Peter Siwegelman. "A Study of the Relationship Between Bar Admissions Data and Subsequent Lawyer Discipline." University of Connecticut Working Paper. 2013.  62p.

McCollum, Mark Samson, Daniel J. Peppe, Kiernan P. McNulty, Holly M. Dunworth, William E. H. Harcourt-Smith and Alexander Andreos. "Magnetostratigraphy of the Early Miocene Hiwegi Formation (Rusinga Island, Lake Vitory, Kenya( (Abstract)". Abstracts With Programs - Geological Society of America. 45(7): 2013.

Mederer, Helen.  SEE: Amador, Jose A.

Organ, Jason M. and Holly M. Dunsworth. "Ontogeny of Pan Troglodytes and Macaca Murlata Metatarsal Cross-Sectional Properties and Comparisons to the Miocene Catarrhine Proconsul (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 27:756.9. April 9, 2013.

Perry, Ravi K., Donald Cunnigen and Marino Brice, Editors. 21st Century Urban Race Politics; Representing Minorities as Universal Interests. Emerald. 2013.  345p.  (Online Resource; Originally 2004)

Pontzer, Herman, David A. Raichlen, Adam D. Gordon, Karen K. Schroepfer, Brian Hare, Holly M. Dunsworth, Brian M. Wood, Mitchell T. Irwin, Robert W. Shumaker, Elizabeth V. Lonsdorf and Stephen R. Ross. "Primate Energy Expenditure and Life History (Abstract)." American Journal of Physical Anthropology. 150(S56):223. 2013.

Rolian, C., H. M. Dunsworth, K. McNulty, P. Lemelin and W. L. Jungers. "More Than the Sum of Its Parts? Multivariate Analysis of Locomotor Behavior in Ardipithecus ramidus." American Journal of Physical Anthropology. 150(S56):235. 2013.

Shearer, Brian M., Peter S. Ungar, Kieran P. McNulty, Holly M. Dunsworth, William E. H. Harcourt-Smith and Mark F. Teaford. "Dental Microwear Profilometry of African Non-Cercopithecoid Catarrhines of the Early Miocene (Abstract)." American Journal of Physical Anthropology. 150(56):253. 2013.

Turnbaugh, Sarah Peabody.  SEE also: Turnbaugh, William A.

Turnbaugh, Sarah Peabody. "From the  Curator's Desk." Primitive Pieces, the Newsletter of the Museum of Primitive Art and Culture. 26(1):3. Fall 2013.

Turnbaugh, William A. and Sarah Peabody Turnbaugh. American Indian Baskets: Building and Caring for a Collection. Schiffer. 2012.  256p.

Zozula, Christine.  SEE: Levin, Leslie C.

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