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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2013

Textiles, Fashion Merchandising & Design

Bide, Martin J., Editorial Board. Dyes & Pigments. Vol.97. 2013.

Bide, Martin. "Sustainability: A Big Picture." AATCC Review. 13(4):36-40. July-August 2013.

Boatright, Su L., Savannah Frazier, Yvette Harps-Logan and Nathanial Crockett. "Difficult Times for College Students of Color: Teaching White Students About White Privilege Provides Hope for Change." Teaching in Higher Education. 18(7):698-708. October 2013.

Boatright, Su L., Nathanial Crockett and Yvette Harps-Logan. "White Privilege Is Alive and Well on Many College Campuses (Letter)." Chronicle of Higher Education. August 13, 2013.

The Beauty Salon ---. "Episode 61: The Centre." The Beauty Salon [radio]. Hosts/ Writ., DeBruin, Foster, Gagnon, Morrison, Reyes. Writ./Prod. Howard.  Kingston, RI: WRIU 90.3FM. Aired: 9/23/13. 30 min. 

The Beauty Salon -- "Episode 70: Piecing Together.” The Beauty Salon [radio]. Hosts/ Writ., Foster, Gagnon, Morrison, Reyes. Writ./Prod. Howard. Kingston, RI: WRIU 90.3FM. Aired: 12/16/13. 30 min.

Gagnon, Blaire O.   SEE also: The Beauty Salon.

Gagnon, Blaire O. "Engendering Status and Value in the Powwow Art Market." Cultural Dynamics. 25(1):75-97. 2013.

Gagnon, Blaire O. "Fashion, Cars & Advertising." IN: Auburn Heights Invitational Catalog. Friends of the Auburn Heights Preserve, Inc. 2013.  p.1-14.

Gagnon, Blaire O. "Territorializing Indigeniety and Powwows Markets." Anthropologica. 55(1):197-209. March 2013.

Harps-Logan, Yvette.  SEE: Boatright, Su L.

Lu, S. “Impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Textile and Apparel Trade in the Pacific Rim.” World Trade Organization Focus. 20(5):67-77. 2013.

Lu, Sheng. "Impacts of Quota Elimination on World Textile Trade: A Reality Check From 2000 to 2010." Journal of the Textile Institute. 104(3):239-250. March  2013.

Lu, S. “Use Blogging as a Teaching Tool for Textile and Apparel Global Trade Courses.” International Textile and Apparel Association Teaching Collection. 2013.

Welters, Linda. "Alatzas; Handwoven Fabrics During the Early Industrial Period in Greece (1880-1920)." Dress. 39(1):55-77. May 2013.

Welters, Linda, Editorial Board. Dress. Vol.39, 2013.

Welters, Linda. "Non-Western Dress in the West (Abstract)."  2d International Non-Western Fashion Conference, London 21-22 November 2013.

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