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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2013


Writing & Rhetoric

Caronia, Nancy. "The Arsenal." Lowestoft Chronicle. Autumn 2013. 

Caronia, Nancy. "Beyond the Sea." 94 Creations. 2013:86-96.

Caronia, Nancy. "Book Review: American Woman, Italian Style: Italian Americana's Best Writings on Women. Edited by Carol Bonomo Albright and Christine Palamidessi Moore." Journal of American Ethnic History. 32(2):125-127. Winter 2013.

Caronia, Nancy. "Book Review: Sweet Hope, by Mary Bucci Bush." Voices of Italian Americana (VIA). 23(2). 2013.

Caronia, Nancy. "Food, Frenzy, and the Italian American Family in Anne Bancroft's Fatso." Italian American Review. 3(1):24-48. 2013.

Caronia, Nancy. "Nothing Special, Something Wonderful." Tay Chi Thoughts. 13:12. 2013.

Caronia, Nancy. "Postmortem." Tell Us a Story. September 25, 2013.

Caronia, Nancy. "Quiet." New Delta Review. 4(1). Winter 2013.

Caronia, Nancy. "Salty, Never Sweet." New Madrid Journal. 9(1):110-115. 2013.

Caronia, Nancy. "Quiet." New Delta Review. 4(1). Winter 2013.

Druschke, Caroline Gottschall. "Watershed as Common-Place: Communicating for Conversation at the Watershed Scale." Environmental Communication. 17(S1):80-96. March 1, 2013.

Hensley Owens, Kim. "On Being Lucky."  IN: Joy Intercepted: An Anthology on Motherhood and Loss,  Edited by Melissa Miles McCarter. Fat Daddy's Farm Pub. 2013.  p.116-119.

Hensley Owens, Kim and Derek Van Ittersum. "Writing With(out) Pain: Computing Injuries and the Role of the Body in Writing Activity." Computers and Communication. 30(2):87-100. June 2013.

Reynolds, Nedra. Portfolio Teaching: A Guide for Instructors. 3d ed. Bedford/St. Martin's. 2013.  96p.  (Paperback, Originally 2006)

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