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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014

Computer Science & Statistics


Berger, Kathryn A., Howard S. Ginsberg, Katherine D. Dugars, Lutz H. Hamel and Thomas N. Mather. "Adverse Moisture Events Predict Seasonal Abundance of Lyme Disease Vector Ticks (Ixodes scapularis)." Parasites & Vectors. 7:181. 2014.  8p.

Berger, Kathryn A., Howard S. Ginsberg, L. Gonzalez and T. N. Mather. "Relative Humidity and Activity Patterns of Ixodes scapulaqris (Acadi: Ixodidae)." Entomology. 51(4):769-776. July 2014.

Carroll, Leo and M. Liliana Gonzalez. "Out of Place: Racial Stereotypes and the Ecology of Frisks and Searches Following Traffic Stops."  Journal if Research in Crime asnd Delinquency. 5(5):559-584. 2012.

Cassel, Lillian (Boots), Bonnie MacKellar, Joan Peckham, Carol Spradling, Han Reichglt, Suzanne Westbreak and Ursula Wolz. "Interdiscipliary Computing in Many Forms."  IN: SIGCSE'14; Proceedings of the 45th ACM Technical Support Symposium on Computer Science. ADM. March 2014.  p.623-

Chae, Y, L. Cingiser Dipippo and Y. L. Sun. "Trust  M for Defenbding On-Off Attaches." IEEE Transactions to Parallel and Distribution Systems. 2014

Dash, Gordon H. and Nina Kajiji. "Combinatorial Nonlinear Goal Programming for ESG Portfolio Organization and Dynamic Hedge Management."  IN: Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Actuarial Sciences and Finance, Edited by C. Perna and M. Sibillo. Springer. 2014.

Dash, Gordon H. and Nina Kajiji. "On Multiobjective Combinatorial Optimization and Dynamic Interim Hedging of Efficient Portfolios." International Transactions in Operational Research. 2014:1-20.

Dipippo, Lisa Cingiser.  SEE: Chae, Y.

Gonzalez, M. Liliana.  SEE: Berger, Kathryn A.; Carroll, Leo.

Hamel, Lutz H.  SEE: Berger, Kathryn A.

Kajiji, Nina.  SEE also: Dash, Gordon H.

Kajiji, Nina and Gordon H. Dash. "The Evolution of Big Data Learning Networks to Model the Regulatory-Inspired Trade-Weighted  U.S. Municipal Bond Structure."  IN:  7th Financial Risks International Forum, Big Data in Finance and Insurance, Paris, March 20-21. 2014.  (Poster Session)

Lamagna, Edmund A. "A Freshman Seminar on Problem Solving and Algorithmic Thinking." Journal of Computing Sciences in College. 29(6):40-49.June 2014.

Peckham, Joan.  SEE: Cassel, Lillian (Boots).

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