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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014


Brand, Susan Trostle, Jessica Marchand, Elizabeth Lilly and Martha Child. "Home-School Literacy Bags for Twenty-First Century." Early Childhood Education Journal. 42:263-270. 2014.

Hamilton-Jones, Bethany M. and Cynthia O. Vail. "Preparing Special Educators for Collaboration in the Classroom: Pre-Service Teachers' Beliefs and Perspectives." International Journal of Special Education. 29(1):76-86. 2014.

Kern, Diane. "Digging the Common Core With a Helpful Tool-Text Sets." New England Reading Association Journal. 104-106.

Kern, Diane, Kathryn L. Johnson and Padma Venkatraman. "Teaching Discussion in English Methods Seminar: Climbing Stairs to the High School Classroom." Connecticut Reading Association Journal. 2(2):38-43. 2014.

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