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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014

Electrical, Computer &  Biomedical

Almhdie, Ahmad, Olivier Rozenbaum, Eric Lespessailles and Rachid Jennane. "Image Processing for the Non-Destructive Characterization of Porous Media. Application to Limestones and Trabecular Bones." Mathematics and Computers in Simulation. 99:82-94. 2014.

Cai, Qiao, Haibo He and Hong Men. "Imbalanced Evolving Self-Organizing Learning." Neurocomputing. 133:258-270. 2014.

Chan, Chi Yuen, Helen Vachlos, Faith Selzer, Suresh R. Mulukutla, Oscar C. Marroquin, Dawn J. Abbott, Elizabeth M. Holper and David O. Williams. "Comparison of Drug-Eluting and Bare Metal Stents in Large Coronary Arteries: Findings From the NHLBI Dynamic Registry." Catheritization and Cardiovascular Interventions. 2014.

He, Haibo.  SEE: Cai, Qiao; Tang, Yufei; Xu, Xin; Yan, J.; Zhu, Yihai

Hefferman, G. M., F. Zhang, M. J. Nunnery and H. Huang. "Integration of Surface Electromyographic Sensors With Transfemoral Amputee Socket: A Comparison of Four Differing Configuratons." Prosthetics and  Ortthot In. 2014.

Huang, He (Helen).   SEE: Hefferman, G. M.

Jennane, Rachid.  SEE: Almhdie, Ahmad.

Liu, Yuhong and Yan (Lindsay) Sun. "Securing Digital Reputation  in Online Social Media." IEEE Signal Processing Magazine. 31(1):149-156. January 2014.

Sun, Yan (Lindsay).  SEE: Li, Yuhong; Wang, Chaonan; Yan, J.;  Zhu, Yihai.

Sun, Ying and Robert Rieger. Apparatus for Nueron Emulation and Testing. U.S.emt Appl. US 2940039862 A1 m20140206 2014.

Tang, Yufei, Haibo He, Zhen Ni, Jinyu Wen and Xiancho Sui. "Reactive Power Control of Grid-Connected Wind Farm Based on Adaptive Dynamic Programming." Neurocomputing.125:125-133. February 2014.

Wang, Chaonan, Liudong Xing, Vinod M. Vokkarane and Yan (Lindsay) Sun. "Reliability and Lifetimer Modeling of Wireless Sensor Nodes." Microelectronics  and Reliability. 54(1):160-166. January2014.

Williams, David O.  SEE: Chan, Chi Yuen; Young, Kristal.

Xu, Xin, Changqiang Lian, Lei Zuo and Haibo He. "Kernel-Based Approximate Dynamic Programming for Real-Time Online Learning Control: An Experimental Study." IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology. 22(1):146-156. January 2014.

Yan, J., H. He and Y. Sun. "Integrated Security Analysis and Cascading Failure in Complex Networks." IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security. 2014.

Young, Kristal, Thomas Earl, Faith Selzer, Oscar C. Marroquin, Suresh R. Mulukutla, Howard A. Cohen, David O. Williams, Alice Jacobs, Sheryl F. Kelsey and J. Dawn Abbott. "Trends in Major Entry Site Complications From Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (From the Dynamic Register)." American Journal of Cardiology. 113(4):626-630. 15 February 2014.

Zhu, Yihai, Jun Yan, Yan Sun and Haibo He. "Revealing Cascading Failure Vulnerability in Power Grids Using Risk-Graph." IEEE Transactions in Parallel and Distributed Systems. 2014.

Besio, Boudreaux-Bartels, Daly, Jackson, Kay, Kumaresan, Lindgren, Lo, Mardix, Ohley, Sadasiv, Sendag, Sunak, Swaszek, Vaccaro, Vetter, Yang

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