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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014


Ansel, Talvikki E. "[Poem.]" Kenyon Review. 2014.

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Betensky, Caroline. "Book Review: Sympathetic Realism in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction, Rae Greiner." Nineteenth-Century Contexts. 36(1):73-89. January 2014.

Betensky, Caroline. "What Do Student Evaluations of Teaching Teach Us? A Statistical Critique of the Student Customer Survey." URI AAUP News. XXXIX(2):3-4. Winter 2014.,

Cappello, Mary, Advisory Board. Tusculum Review. 2014.

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Davis, Kathleen, Advisory Board. Medieval Globe. Vol.1, 2014.

Davis, Kathleen, International Advisory Board. Translation Studies. Vol.7, 2014.

Davis, Kathleen. "Intralingual Translation and the Making of a Language."  IN: Companion to Translation Studies, Edited by Catherine Porter and Sandra Brennen. Oxford. 2014.

Eron, Sarah. Inspiration in the Age of Enlightenment. University of Delaware Press. 2014.

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Arakelian, Barber, Burke, Campbell, Cane, Cappello,  Covino, Cuddy, Donnelly, Dvoraok, Faflik, Frankel, Gititi, Hills, Jacobs, Jones, Karno, Kunz, Leo, MacLaine, Malina, Mathews, Mandel, McCabe, Neuse, Potter, Rojas, Schoonover, Josxe A. Sibaraz, Strommer, Swan, Trimm, Valentino, Vaughan, Walton, Williams

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