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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014

Fisheries, Animal & Veterinary Science

Bi, Hongsheng, Rubao Ji, Hui Liu, Yong-Heon Jo and Jonathan A. Hare. "Decadal Changes in Zooplankton of the Northeast U. S. Continental Shelf." PLoS One. 9(1):e87720. January 31, 2014.

Castro, Kathleen M.  SEE: Tlusty, Michael F.

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Hare, Jonathon A.  SEE: Bi, Hongsheng.

Petersson, Katherine H.  SEE: Swennes, Alton G.

Swennes, Alton G., Michelle L. Turk, Elise M. Trowel, Cassandra Cullin, Zeli Shen, Jassia Pang, Katherine H. Petersson, Floyd E. Dewhurst and James G. Fox. "Helicobator canis Colonization in Sheep: A Zoonotic Lijnk." Heliocobacter. 19(1):65-68. February 2014.

Tlusty, Michael F., Anita Kim and Kathleen M. Castro. "Moderating Shell Disease in Ame]rican Lobster (Homerus americanus) as Individual-Based Health Trajectories." Canadian Journal of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences. 71(6):808-813 June 2014.

Wetherbee, B., Associate Editor. Marine & Freshwater Research. Vol.65, 2013.

Bengtson, Bradley, deAlteris,  Malillo, Rhodes, Rice, Sartini

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