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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014


Boving, Thomas BSEE also: Eberle, Dylan E.;Kasaraneni, Varun;  Morales, I.; Zhou, Yuyu.

Boving, Thomas B. "Forensic Analysis of a MTBE Contamination Using Basic Hydrogeologic Concepts." Journal of Forensic Sciences. 59(4):967-973. July 2014.

Boving, T. B., B. S. Choudri, P. Cady, . Davis, K. Patel and V. edddy. "Hydraulics and Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of a Riverbank Filtration Site in Rural India." Water Environ Res. 86&):636-648: July 2014.

Briggs, Richard W., Simon E Engelhart, Alan R. Nelson, Tina Dura, Andrew C. Kemp, Peter J. Haeussler, D. Reiche Corbett, Stephen J. Angster and Lee-Ann  Bradley. "Uplift and Subsidence Reveal a Nonpersistent Megathrust Rupture Boundary (Sitkinak Island, Alaska)." Geophysical Research Letters. 4(7):2289-2296. April 16, 2014.

Cantner, Kathleen, Steven Carey and Paraskevi Nomikou. "Integrated Volcanologic and Petrologic Analysis of the 1650 AD Eruption of Kolumbo Submarine Volcano, Greece." Journal of Volcanology and Thermal Research. 269:28-43. January 2014.

Cardace, Dawn.  SEE: Oyandel-Craver, Vinka.

Eberle, Dylan E., Tom Boving and Anon. ""Pilot Scale Field Test Solubility Enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation of Volatile Organic Contaminents." Abstracts With Programs. 46(2):116. 2014.

Engelhart, Simon E.  SEE: Briggs, Richard W.; Horton, Benjamin P.; Nikitina, Dara L.; Wittwer, Robert C.

Fastovsky, David E. "Book Review: Morphology and Evolution of Turtles: Proceedings of the Gaffney Turtle Symposium (2009) in Honor of Eugene S. Gaffney, by Donald B. Brinkman." Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. 34(1):239-246. January 2014.

Fischer, Karen M.  SEE: Ford, Heather A.; MacDougall, Julia G.

Ford, Heather A., Karen M. Fischer and Vedran Lekic. "Localized Shear in the Deep Lithosphere Beneath the San Andreas Fault System." Geology. 42(4):295-298. April 2014.

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MacDougall, John G., Chris Kincaid, Sara Szwaja and Karen M. Fischer. "The Impact of Slab Dip Variations, Gaps and Rollback on Mantle Wedge Flow: Insights From Fluids Experiments." Geophysical Journal. 197(2):705-730. 30 May 2014.

Morales, Ivan, Janet A. Atoyan, Jose A Amador and Thomas Boving. "Transport pf Pathogen Surrogates in Soil Treatment Units: Numerical Modeling." Water. 6(4():818-838. 2014.

Nikitina, Daria L., Andrew C. Kemp, Benjamin P. Horton, Christopher H. Vane, Orson van de Plassche and Simon E. Engelhart. "Storm  Erosion During the Past 2000 Years Along the North Shore of Delaware Bay, USA." Geomorphology. 208:160-172. 2014.

Nomikou, Paraskevi.  SEE also: Cantner, Kathleen.

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Zhou, Yuyu, Yeqiqo Wang, Arthur  J. Gold, Peter V. August and Thomas B. Boving. "Assessing Impact of Urban Impervious Surface on Watershed Hydrology Using Distributed Object-Oriented Simulation and Spatial Regression." GeoJournal. 79(2):155-166. April 2014.

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