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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014


Lavallee, Dave. "Fit, Fabulous, Fascitelli: The Mind Body Connection on Campus." University of Rhode Island QUADangles. 21(2):22-23.  Winter 2013-2014.

Markin, Karen M . "Getting Permisxsio0n to Apply." Chronicle of Higher Educatlon. 61(6):A24. October 10, 2014.

Martin, Celest. "Perfection by Any Other Name: Redefining the Paradigm for Parental Dreams." Rhode Island Writer's Circle Anthology. 2014.  (Reprinted From April 2010)

Pantalone, John. "Book Review: Splendid Splinter, and Series." Providence Sunday Journal.  June 1, 2014.  p.G6.

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