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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014


Avery, Joseph C., Darren T. Beck, Darren P. Casey, Paloma Sardina and Randy W. Raith.  "Enhanced External Counterpulsation Improves Peripheral Resistance Artery Blood Low in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease." Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. 39(3):405-408. March  2014.

Beck, Darren  T.  SEE also: Avery, Joseph; Borst, Stephen E.; Martin, Jeffrey S.

Beck, D. T. , J. S. Martin, D. P. Casey and R. W. Raith. "Exercise Training Improves Endothelical Function in Resistance Arteries of Young Hypertensives" Journal of Human Hypertension. 28(5):303-309. May 2014.

Blissmer, Bryan.  SEE also: Fiske, Lauren; O'Donnell, Stephane.

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Delmonico, Matthew J.  SEE: LoBueno, D.; Tseng, Kisa A.

Emmons, Karen M., Elaine Puleo, Mary L, Greaney, Matthew W. Gillman, Gary G. Bennett, Jess Haines, Kim Sprunck-Harrold and K. Viswanath. "A Randomized Comparative Effectiveness Study of Healthy Directions  2-A Multiple Risk Behavior Intervention for Primary Care."  Preventive Medicine. 64:96-102. July 2014.

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Fornier, K. A., S. Amario, K. J. Radonovich, T. M. Bleser and C. J. Hass. "Decreased Dynamical Complexity During Quiet Stance in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders." Gait & Posture. 39(1):420-423. January 2014.

Greaney, Mary L.  SEE also: Emmons, Karen M.; Kim, Juhee.

Greaney, Mary L., Gary G. Bennett, Jess Haines, K. Viswanath, Matthew W. Gillman, Kim Sprunck-Harrild, Molly Coeling, Donna Rusinak and Karen M. Emmons. "Factors Associated With Choice of Web or Print Intervention Materials in the Healthy Directions 2 Study." Health Education and Behavior. 41:52. 2014.

Greaney, Mary L., Cary K. Hardwick, Jennifer L. Spadano-Gasbarra, Solomom Mezebu, Christine M. Horan, Sara Schlotterbeck, S. Byn Austin and Karen E. Peterson. "Implementing za Multicomponent School-Based Obesity Prevention Intervention: A Qualitative Study." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2014.

Hatfield, Disa L.  SEE: Healey, Kellie C.; Ho, Jen-Yu; Shaner, Aaron A..

Healey, Kellie C., Disa L. Hatfield, Peter Blanpied, Leah R. Dorfman and Deborah Riebe. "The Effects of Myofascial Release With Foam Rolling on Performance." Journal of Strenth and Conditioning Research. 28(1):61-68.  January 2014.

Ho, Jen-Yu, William J. Kraemer, Jeff S. Volek, Jakob L. Vingren, Maren S. Fragala, Shawn D. Flanagan, Jesse Maladouangdock, Tunde K. Szivak, Disa L. Hatfield, Brett A. Comstock, Courtenay Dunn-Lewis, Joseph T. Ciccolo and Carl M. Marsesh. "Effects of Resistance Exercise on the HPA Axis Response to Psychological Stress During Short-Term Smoking Abstinence in Men." Addictive Behaviors. 39(3):695-698. March 2014.

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Martin, Jeffrey S., Darren T. Beck and Randy W. Wraith. "Peripheral Resistance Artery  Blood Flow in Subjects With Abnormal Glucose Tolerance Is Improved Following Enhanced External Counter Polsaline Therapy." Applied Physiology, Nutrition & Metabolsim. 39(5):576-599. May  2014.

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Xu, F.  SEE: LoBuono, D.

Bloomquist, Cohen, Ciccomascolo, Clapham, DelSanto, Garber; Henni, Kusz, Lamont, Mandell, Manfredi, Norris, O'Donnell, O'Leary, Robinson, NatalieSabik, Sherman

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