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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014

Mechanical, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Abotula, S., N. Heeder, R. Chona and A. Shukla. "Dynamic Thermo-Mechanical; Response of Hastelloy X to Shock Wave Loading." Experimental Mechanics. 54:279-291. February 2014.

Chelidze, David.  SEE also: Falce, Michzdl; Nguyen, Son Hai.

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Heeder Nicholas, Abayomi Yussef, A. Bose and A. Shukla " Fixed-Angle Rotary Sheer as a New Metghod for Tailoring Elecro-MechanicaL Properties oif Template Graphene-Polymer Composities." Composites Science and Technology. 100:7-75. 2014.

Heeder, Nicholas, Abayomi Yussef, Fei Guo, Indrani Chakraborty, Michael P. Godfrin, Robert Hurt, Anubhav Tripathi, Arijit Bose and Arun Shukla. "Highly Conductive Graphene-Based Segregated Composites Prepared by Particle Templating." Journal of Materials Science. 49(6):2567-2570. March 2014.

Jouaneh, Musa K.  SEE: Schumaker, Paul.

Lamond, Bernard F., Manbir S. Sodhi, Martin Noel and Ousmin A. Assani. "Dynamic Speed Control of a Machine Tool With Stochastic Tool Life Analysis and Stimulation." Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing. 25(5):q1153-1166. October 2013e.

LeBlanc, James M.  SEE:  Gupta, Sachan.

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Phadnis, Vaibhev, Puneet Kumar, Arun Shukla, Anish Roy and Vadim V. Silberschmidt. "Optimizing Curvature of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite Panel for Improved Blast Resistance: Finite-Element Analysis." Materials & Design. 57:719-727. May 2014.

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Rousseau, Carl-Ernst.  SEE: Gofi, Migue: Plume IV, Gifford W. l.

Roy, Kevin, Cenk Unday, Thomas Mistretta, Gregory Naugle and Manbir Sodhi. "Multivariate Statistical Monitoring as Applied to Clean-in-Place (CIP) and Stream-in-Place (SIP) Operations in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing." Biotechnology Progress. 30(2):505-515. March/April 2014.

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Shukla, Arun.  SEE: Abotula, S.;Gardner, M.;  Gupta, Sachan; Heeder, Michael; Wright, Jefferson; Yazici, Murat; Zhang, Linhui.

Sodhi, Manbir S.  SEE also: Lamond, Bernard F.; Roy, Kevin.

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Wright, Jefferson, Rainer Hebert, Dharma Maddala and  Arun Shukla. "Experimental Study on the Response of Graded Corrugated Steel Armor to Shock Loading." Meccanica. 2014.

Yazici, Murat, Jefferson Wright, Damien Bertin and Arun Shukla. "Experimental and Numerical Study of Foam Filled Corrugated Core Steel Sandwich Structures Subject to Blast Loading." Composite Structures. 110(10):98-19. April 2014.

Zhang, Linhui, Rainer Hebert, Jefferson T. Wright,  Arun Shukla and Jeong-Ho Kim. "Dynamic Response of Corrugated Sandwich Steel Plates With Graded Cores." International Journal of Impact Engineering. 65:185-194. March 2014.

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