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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014

Natural Resources Science

Amador, Jose A.  SEE: Lopez-Rodriguez.

Caudill, S., Philippe Vaast and Thomas Husband. "Assessment of Small Mammal Diversity in Coffee Agroforestry in the Western Ghats." Agroforestry Systems. 887(1):173-186. February 2014.

Forrester, Graham E., Megan A. Ferguson, Caitlin E. O'Connell-Rodwell and Lianna L. Jarecki. "Long-Term Survival and Colony Growth of Acropora Palmata Fragments Transplanted by Volunteers for Restoration." Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. 24:81-91. February  2014.

Husband. Thomas.  See: MCaudill, S.

Jorgenson, Dolly, Christer Nilsson, Anouschka R. Hof, Eliza M. Hasselquist, Susan Baker, F. Stuart Chapin III, Katarine Eckerberg, Joakim Hjalten, Lina Polvi and Laura A. Meyerson. "Policy Language in Restoration Ecology." Restoration Ecology. 22(1):1-4. January 2014.

Karraker, Nancy E.  SEE: Lau, Edward Tak Chuen.

Koch, Stephanie L. and Peter W. C. Paton. "Assessing Anthropogenic Disturbances to Develop Buffer Zones for Shorebirds Using a Stopover Site." Journal of Wildlife Management. 78(1):58-67. January  2014.

Lau, Edward Tak Chuen, Mana Man Na Yung, Nancy E. Karraker and Kenneth Mei Yee Leung. "Is an Assessment Factor of 10 Appropriate to Account for the Variation in Chemical Toxicity to Freshwater Ectotherms Under Different Thermal Conditions?" Environmental Science Pollut Res. 21:95-104. January 2014.

Lopez-Rodriguez, G., D. Suotomayer-Ramirez, E. C. Schroeder and J. A. Amador. "Nitrogen MIneralization in Soils Under Different Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) Management Practices." Tropical Ecology. 2014.

McWilliams, Scott R.  SEE also: Smith, Adam D.; .Winiarksi, Kristopher J.

McWilliams, Scott R.  "Fruit Removal Rate Depends pn Neighborhood Fruit Density, Frugorare Abundance, and Spatial Context."  2014.

Meyerson, Laura A.  SEE: Jorgenson, Dolly.

Paton, Peter W. C.  SEE: Koch, Stephanie L.; Winiarksi, Kristopher J.

Smith, Adam D. and Scott R. McWilliams. "Fruit Removal Rate Depends on Neighborhood Fruit Density, Frugivore Abundance, and Spatial Content." Oecologia. 174(3):931-942. March  2014.

Winiarksi, Kristopher J.,M. Louise Burt, Eric Rexstad,  David L. Miller, Carol L. Trocki,  Peter W. C. Paton and Scott R. McWilliams. "Integrating Aerial and Ship Surveys of Marine Birds Into a Combined Density Surface Model: A Case Study of Wintering Common Loons." Condor. 116:149-161. 2014.

Winiarksi, Kristopher J., David L. Miller, Peter W. C. Paton and Scott R. McWilliams. "A Spatial Conservation Prioritization Approach for Protecting Marine Birds Given Proposed Offshore Wind Energy Development." Biological Conservation. 169:79-88. January 2014.

August, Gold, Golet, Gould, McKiel, Miller, Sheehan, Stolt, Wang

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