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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014

Nutrition & Food Sciences

Arts, J., M. L. Fernandez and I. E. Lofgren. "Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors in College Students." Advances in Nutrition. 5(2):177-187. March 1, 2014.

Arts, J., G. Greene, C. English and I. Lofgren. "A Nutrition Intervention to Improve Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors in College Students (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 28(Suppl.1) 2014.

Byrd-Bredbenner, C., V. Quick, A. White, S. Shaff, B. Lohse, T. Horacek, K. Kattelmann, B. Phillips, S. Hoerr and G. Green. "Concordance of Self-Report and Measurement Height and Weight of College Students  (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 28(Suppl.1) 2014.

Chopy, K., M. Winkjer, D. Schwartz-Barcott, K. Melanson and G. Greene. "A Qualitative Study of the Perceived Value of Membership in the Oley Foundation by Home Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Consumers." Journal of Parenteral Nutrition. 2014.

English, Cathy.  SEE: Arts, J.

Fornsaro-Donahue, Alison Tovar, Linda Sebelia and Geoffrey W. Greene. "Increasing Breastfeeding in WIC Participants: Cost of Formula as a Motivator." Journal of Nutrition Education & Behavior. 2014.

Greene, Geoffrey W.  SEE: Arts, J.; Byrd-Bredbenner, C.; Chopy, K.; Fornsaro-Donahue; Kattelmann, Kendra K.; Mena, N.; Nash, J.; O'Donnell, Stephane; Weller, Kathryn E.

Himelsen, K., J. L. Reigth, J. Wei, D. G. Hoovder, D. T. Hicks, L. F. Pivarnik and K. E. Kniel. "Comparison of Ptessure Inactivation of Calicirviruses and Picornaviruses in a model Food System." Investigative Food & Emerging Technologies. 26:1020-1q027. December 201qe4.

Karayannakidis, Panayotis D., Emmanouli Apostolidis and Chong M. Lee. "Comparison of Direct Steam Injection and Steam-Jacketed Heating in Squid Hydrolysis for Energy Consumption and Hydrolysis Performance." LWT--Food Science and Technology. 57(1):134-140. June 2014.

Kattelmann, Kendra K., Adrienne A. White, Geoffrey W. Greene, Carol Byrd-Bredbenner, Sharon L. Hoerr, Tanya M. Horacek, Tandalayo Kidd, Sarah Colby, Beatrice W. Phillips, Mallory M. Koenings, Onikia N. Brown, Melissa Olfert, Karla P. Shelnutt and Jesse Stabile Morrell. "Development of Young Adults Eating and Active for Health (YEAH) Internet-Based Intervention Via a Community-Based Participatory Research Model." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 46(2):S11-225. March-April  2014.

Lee, Chong M.  SEE: Karayannakidis, Panayotis D.

LoBuono, D., A., A, Taetzch, D. Quintila, S. Maris, J. Letendre, A. Picard, M. Delmonico, F. Xu, I. F Lofgren and L. Mahler. "Cognition, Nutrition and Physical Functionn in Obese Older Women (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 28(Suppl.1) 2014.

Lofgren, Ingrid E.  SEE: Arts, J.; LoBuono, D.; Vandeputte, E.

Lowndes, Joshua, Stephanie Sinnett, Sabrina Pardo, Von T. Nguyen, Kathleen J. Melanson, Zhiping Yu, Britte E. Lowther and James M. Rippe. "The Effect of Normally Consumed Amounts of Sucrose or High Fructose Corn Syrup on Lipid Profiles, Body Composition and Related Parameters in Overweight/Obese Subjects." Nutrients. 6(3):1128-1144. March 2014.

Melanson, Kathleen J.  SEE: Chopy, K.; Lowndes, Joshua; Van Asche, P.

Mena, N., K. Gorman, G. Greene and A. Tovar. "Contextual and Cultural Influences on Parental Feeding Practices Among Hispanics (Abstracts)." FASEB Journal. 28(4). 2014.

Nash, J. and G. Greene. "Relationship Between Green Eating Stage of Change and Knowledge Attitudes and Behaviors of University Students (Abstract)." FASEB Journal. 28(Suppl.1) 2014.

O'Donnell, Stephane, Geoffrrey W.  Greene and Bryan Blissmer. "The Effect of Goal Setting on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and Physical Activity Level in a Web-Based intervention." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.ay 21,  2014.

Pivarnik, Linda.  SEE: Himelosden, K.; Vandeputte, E.

Sebelia, Linda.  SEE: Fornsaro-Donahue; Van Asch, P.

Tovar, Alison.  SEE also: Fornsaro-Donahue; mMena, N.; Van Asche, P.

Tovar, Alison, Rebecca Boulkos, Sarah Sliwa, Aviva Must, David M. Gute, Nesly Metayer, Raymond R. Hyatt, Kenneth Chui, Alex Pirie, Christina Kamis Luongo and Christina Economos. "Baseline Socio-Demographic Characteristics and Self-Reported Diet and Physical Activity Shifts Among Recent Immigrants Participating in the Randomized Controlled Lifestyle Intervention: 'Live Well'." Journal of Immigrant Minority Health. 16(3):457-465. June  2014.

Tovar, A., A. M. Renzaho, A. D. Guerrero, N. Mena and G. X. Ayala. "A Systematic Review of Obesity Prevention Intervention Studies Among Immigrant Populations in the US." Current Obesity Report. 3:206-222. April 3, 2014.

Van  Asch, P., K. Gorman, K. Melanson, L. Sebelia and A. Tovar. "Parental Perceptions of Rhode Island EFNEP (Abstract)." FASEB Joural. 28(4). 2014.

Vandeputte, E., L. Pivarnik, J. Scheinburg, R. Machedo, C. Cutter and I. Lofgren. "Use of a Phone Application Access Food Safety Practices at Farmer's Markets (Abstracts)." FASEB Journal. 28(4). 2014.

Weller, Kathryn E., Geoffrey W. Greene, Colleen A. Redding, Andrea L. Paiva, Ingrid Lofgren, Jessica T. Nash and Hisanori Kobayashio. "Development and Validation of Green Eating Behaviors, Stage of Change, Decisional Balance, and Self-Efficacy Scales in College Students." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2014

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