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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014


Borkman, David G., Theodore J. Smayda, Erika N. Schwarz, Leanne J. Flewelling and Carmelo R. Tomas. "Recurrent Vernal Presence of the Toxic Alexandrium tamarense/Alexandrium fundyense (Dinoflagellata) Species Complex in Narragansett Bay, USA." Harmful Algae. 32:73-80. February 2014.

Brush, Mark J.  SEE: Moran, S. Bradley.

Campbell, Daniel E., Hongfang Lu and Bin-Le Lin. "Energy Evaluations of the Global Biogeochemical Cycles of Six Biologically Active Elements and Two Compounds." Ecological Modelling. 271:32-51. 10 January 2014.

Cantner, Kathleen, Steven Carey and Paraskevi Nomikou. "Integrated Volcanologic and Petrologic Analysis of the 1650 AD Eruption of Kolumbo Submarine Volcano, Greece." Journal of Volcanology and Thermal Research. 269:28-43. January 2014.

Cantwell, Mark G.  SEE: Wang, H.

Campbell, Daniel E.  SEE: Morandi, Fabiana.

Cantwell, Mark G.  SEE: Chariton, Anthony A.; Ho, Kay T.

Carey, Steven.  SEE: Cantner, Kathleen.

Chafik, L., H. Solland and T. Rossby. "On the Spatial Structure and Tempral Variability of Poleward Transport Between Scotland and Greenland." Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans. 2014.

Chang, Yi and Peter Cornillon. "A Comparison of Satellite-Derived Sea Surface Temperature Fronts Using Two-Edged Detection Algorithms." Deep Sea II: Tropical Studies in. 2014.

Chariton, Anthony A., Kay T. Ho, Dina Proestou, Holly Bik, Stuart L. Simpson, Lisa M. Portis, Mark G. Cantwell, Jeffrey G. Baguley, Robert M. Burgess, Marguerite M. Pelletier, Monique Perron, Claudia Gunsch and Robin A. Matthews. "A Molecular-Based Approach for Examining Responses of Eukaryotes in Microcosms to Contaminant-Spiked Estuarine Sediments." Environmental Toxicology. 33(2):359-369. February 2014.

Collins, S., B. Rost and T. A Rynearson. "Evolutionary Potential of Marine Phytoplankton Under Ocean Acidification." Evolutionary Applications. 7(1):140-155. January 2014.

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D'Asaro, E. A. "Quantifying Upper Ocean Turbulence Driven by Surface Waves." Geophysical Research Letters. 2014.

D'Hondt, Steven.  SEE: Sauvage, J.

Donohue, Kathleen.  SEE: Rossby, H. Thomas.

Elkins, L. J., K. W. W. Sims, J. Prytulak, J. Blichert-Toft, T. Elliott, J. Blusztajn, S. Fretzdorff, M. Reagon, K. Hasse, S. Humphris and J.-G. Schilling. "Melt Generation Beneath Arctic Ridges: Implications From U Decay Series Disequlibria in the Mohns, Knipovich, and Gakkel Ridges." Geochimica at Cosmochimica Acta. 127:140-170. February 2014.

Farmer, David. "Special Issue of the 16th PAMS Meeting: Recent Advances in the Oceanography of Pacific-Asian Marginal Seas." Progress in Oceanography. 121:1-6. 2014.

Friedman, Carey L. and Rainer Lohmann. "Comparing Sediment Equilibrium Partitioning and Passive Sampling Techniques to Estimate Benthic Biota PCDD/F Concentrations in Newark Bay, New Jersey (U.S.A.)." Environmental Pollution. 186:172-179. March 2014.

Gao, Haiying and Yang Shen. "Upper Mantle Structure of the Cascades From the Full-Wave Ambient Noise Tomography: Evidence for 3D Mantle Upwelling in the Bac-Arc." Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 390:222-233. March 201q4.

Griffies, Stephen M. SEE: Palter, Jaimie B.

Ho, Kay T.  SEE also: Cantner, Kathleen; Chariton, Anthony A.; Wang, H.

Ho, Kay T., Anthony A. Chariton, Lisa M. Portis, Dina Proestou, Mark G. Cantwell, Jeffrey G. Baguley, Robert M. Burgess, Stuart Simpson, Marguerite Peletier, Monique M. Perron, Claudia K. Gunsch, Holly M. Bik, David Katz and Anthony Kamikawa. "Use of a Novel Sediment Exposure to Determine the Effects of Triclosan on Estuarine Benthic Communities." Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 32(2):384-392. February 2013.

Jefferson, Thomas A., Caroline R. Ein, R. Charles Anderson, Lisa T. Bollance, Robert D. Kenney and Jeremy J. Kizka. "Global Distribution of Risso's Dolphin Grampus griseus: A Review and Critical Evaluation." Mammal Review. 44(1):56-68. January 2014.

Kelley, Katherine A.  SEE: Rubin, K. H.

Kenney, Robert D.  SEE: Jefferson, Thomas A.

Khairy, M. A. and R. Lohmann. "Field Calibration of Low Desnity Poluthylene Passive Samples for Gaseous POPS." Environmental Scieince. Processes & Impacts.  16(3):414-421. March 26, 2014.

Link, Jason L.  SEE: Pinnegar, John K.

Lohmann, Rainer.  SEE: Friedman, Carey L.; Khairy, M. A.; Morandi, Fabiana.

Moran, S. B.  See also: Smith, J. N.

Moran, S. B., S. L. Stacchelhaus, R. P. Kelly and M. J. Brush. "Submarine Groundwater Discharge as a Source of Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen and Phosphorous to Coastal Ponds in Southern Rhode Island." Estuaries and Coasts. 37(1):104-118. January 2014.

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Robinson, Rebecca S., Johan Etourneau, Philippe M. Martinez and Ralph  Schneider. "Expansion of Pelagic Denitrification During Early Pleistocene Cooling." Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 389:52-61. 1 March 2014.

Rossby, H. Thomas.  SEE also: Chafik, K,; Collins, S.

Rossby, T., C. N. Flagg, K. Donohue, A. Sanches-Franks and J. Lillikbbridge. "On the Long Term Stability of Gulf Stream Transport Based on 20 Years of Direct Measurements." Geophysical Research Letters. 41: 2-14.

Rynearson, Tatiana A.  SEE: Collins, S.

Rubin, K. H., P. Mikchael, J. Gill, D. Clague, T. Plank, S. Scrig, S. Glancy, E. Todd, L. Coopa. A. Soule, E.Hellebrand, K. Kelley, E. Cottrell, F. Jenner, R. Arculus, P. Ruprecht, J. Lupton, C. Langmuir, J. Sing and E. Embly. "Time Code and Petrogenesis of 2009 and Older W. Mataboninite Magmas." Mineralogical Magazine. 2014.

Sauvage, J., A. J. Spivack, A. G. Dunlea, R. W. Murray, R Pockalny, S. D'Hondt and the IODP Expedition 329 Shipboard Scientific Party. "Radiolysis and Life in Deep Subseafloor Sediment of the South Pacific Gyre. 2014.


Shen, Yang.  SEE: Gao, Haiying.

Smayda, Theodore J.  SEE: Borkman, David G.

Smith, J. N., P. A., S. E. Knowlton and S. Moran. "Comparison of 234TH/238U and Mass Balance Models  for Estimating Metal Removal Fluxes in the Gulf of Maine and Scotian Shelf." Continental Shelf Research. 77:107-117. ! April 2014. 2014.

Spivack, Arthur J.  SEE: Sauvage, J.

Wang, H., R. M. Burgess, M. G. Cantwell, L. M. Portis, M. M. Peron, F. Wu and K. T. Ho. "Stability and Aggregation of Silver and Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Sea Water in Role of Salinity and Dissolved Organic Carbon." Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 2014.

Ballard, Collie, Durbin, Ginis, Hara, Hargraves, Hebert, Heikes, Jeffries, Kincaid, King, Knauss, Leinen, LooseMenden-Deuer, Merrill, KMoran, Nixon, Oviatt, Pilson, Rahn, Roman, Rothstein, Saila, Schilling, Sigurdsson, Smith, Specker, Watts, Wimbush, Wishner, Yoder

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