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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014

Pharmacy Practice

Afari, Maxwell E., Andrew S. Blum, Stephen T. Mesdroff and Brian R. Ott. "Driving Policy for Seizures and Unexplained Syncopes: A Practice Guide for RI Physicians." Rhode Island Medical Journal. 97(1):40-43. January 2013.

Ambizas, Emily K., Karen M. S. Bastianelli, Stephanie P. Ferreri, Sean L. Haines, Katherine Kelly Orr, Misty M. Stutz, Jenny Avan Amburgh and Miranda Wilhelm. "Evolution of Self-Care Education." American Journal of Pharmacy Education. 78(2):1-7. 2014.

Angione, S. L., A. A. Sarma, A. Novikov, L. Seward, J. H. Fieber, L. A. Mermel and A. Tripathi. "A. Novel Subtyping Assay for Detection of Clostridium difficile Virulence Genes." Journal Mol. Diag. 16(2):244-252. March  2014.

Alshammari, Thamir M., E. Paul Larrat, Haley J. Morrill, Aisling R. Caffrey, Brian J. Quilliam and Kerry L. LaPlante. "Risk of Hepatotoxicity Associated With Fluoroquinolones: A National Case-Control Safety Study." American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. 71(1):37- January 1, 2014.

Barco, P. P., M. J. Wallendorf, C. A. Snellgrove, B. R. Ott and D. B. Carr. "Predicting Road Test Performance in Drivers With Stroke." American Journal of Occupational Therapy. 68(2):221-229. March-April 2014.

Basch, Ethan.  SEE: Ulbricht, Catherine.

Baytop, Chanza, Scott Royal, Donna Hubbard McCree, Ron Simmons, Rebecaa Tregerman, Carolyn Robinson, Wayne D. Johnson, Mike McLaughlin and Cristofer Price. "Comparison of Strategies to Increase HIV Testing Among African-American Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men in Washington, DC." AIDS Care. 26(5):608-612. 2014.

Bratberg, Jeffrey P.  SEE: Jackson, Anita N.

Buelow, Melissa T., Laura L. Frakey, Janet Grace and Joseph H. Friedman. "The Contribution of Apathy and Increased Learning Trials to Risky Decision-Making in Parkinson's Disease." Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology. 29(1):100-109. February 2014.

Caffrey, Aisling R.  SEE also: Aslshammari, Thamir M.

Caffrey, A. R, H. J. Morrill, L. A. Puzntak and K. L. Laplante. "Comparative  Effectiveness of Linezolid and Vancomycia Among a National Veterans Affairs Cohort With Methicillin-Resistant Stapholococcus Aureus Pneumonia." Pharmacotherapy. 34(5):473-490. May 2014.

Caffrey, Aisling R., Haley J. Morrill, Laura A. Puzniak and Kerry L. LaPlante. "Predictors of Clinical Success Among a National Veterans Affairs Cohort With Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Pneumonia." Clinical Therapeutics. 36(4):552-559. 1 April 2014.

Davis, Jullet A., Robert Weech-Maldonado, Kate L. Lapane and Alex Laberge. "Contextual Determinants of US Nursing Home Racial/Ethnic Diversity. " Social Science & Medicine. 104:142-147. 2014.

Daiello, L. A., A. Gongvatana, S. Dunsiger, R. A. Cohen and B. R. Ott. "Association Oil Supplement Use With Preservation of Brain Volume and Cognitive Function." Alzheimer's and Dementia. 2014.

Edwards, Krystal L., Marissa C. Salvo, Kristina E. Ward, Russell T. Attridge, Katie Kiser, Nathan A. Pinner, Patricia J. Gallegos, Lori Lynn Kestelboot, Ann Hylton and P. Brandin Bookstaver. "Assessment  and Revision of Clinical Pharmacy Practice Internet Web Sites." Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 48(2):258-267. February 2014.

Eisenhower, Christine.  "Impact of Pharmacist-Conducted Medication Reconciliation at Discharge on Readmissions of Elderly Patients With COPD." Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 48(2):203-208. February 2014.

Friedman, Joseph H.  SEE also: Buelow, Melissa T.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Advice to Residents Considering a Research Project."  Rhode Island Medical Journal. 97(2):P8-9. January 2014.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie." Rhode Island Medical Journal. 97(3):7-8. March 2014.

Friedman, Joseph H. "'Medical Marijuna' Use in Movement Disorders Clinic in Rhode Island." Parkinsonism & Related Disorders. 2014.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Memory Feats." Rhode Island Medical Journal. 97(1):7-8. January 2014.

Friedman, Joseph H., Editor-in-Chief. Rhode Island Medical Journal. Vol.97, 2014.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Simplicity Isn't Always a Virtue." Rhode Island Medical Journal. 97(2):10.; February 2014.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Small Research." Rhode Island Medical Journal. 97(5):7-8.  May 2014.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Thanks to Our GHuest Editors."  Rhode Island Medical Journal. 97(12):14 December 2014.

Friedman, Joseph H. "An Up-Front Guide to Getting Promoted: Slow and Steady."  Rhode Island Medical Journal. 97(4):7-8. April 2014.

Friedman, Joseph H. "Wealthy Westerners Should Fund Vaccines." Sunday Providence Journal.  December 7, 2014.  p.F6.

He, M., J. R. Pepperell, F. Guundogen, M. E. DePaepe, L. Maggio, S. Lu, S. Kostadinov, B. O'Brian, S. Delamonte, H. Pinar and U. Tantravahi. "Monochromatic Twins Discordant for Mosaic Trisoomy." American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A. 2014.

Goren, Jessica L.  SEE: Leung, Jonathan G.

Jackson, Anita N.  SEE also: Kogut, Stephen J.

Jackson, Anita N., K. Kelly Orr, Jeffrey P. Bratberg and Frederic Silverblatt. "Pharmacist Initiation of Postexposure Doxicycline for Lyme Disease Prophylaxis." Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. 54(1):69-73. January/February 2014.

Kassakian, Steven Z. and Leonard A. Mermel. "Changing Epidemiology of Infections Due to Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Producing Bacteria." Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control.3:9. 2014.

Kogut, Stephen Jon, Elaina Goldstein, Camilla Charbonneau, Anita Jackson and Gail Patry. "Improving Medication Management After a Hospitalization With Pharmacist Home Visits and Electronic Personal Health Records: An Observational Study." Drug, Healthcare and Patient Safety. 6:1- 6. January 17, 2014.

Lapane, Kate L.  SEE also: Davis, Jullet A.; Lu, B.; Moczygembe, L. R.;  Morrill, H. J.; Nield, J.; Yang, S.

Lapane, Kate L., Brian J. Quilliam, Carmela Benson, Wing Chow and Myoung S. Kim. "Impact of Noncancer Pain on Health-Related Quality of Life." Pain Practice. 2014.

Lapane, K. L., S. Yang, T. McAlindon and C. B. Eaton. "Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents in Reducing Symptoms in Knee Osteoarthritis: Effectiveness Over Time (Abstract)." Osteoarthritis and Cartilage. 22:S208-209. 2014.

Lapane, Kate L., Brian J. Quilliam, Carmela Benson, Wing Chow and Myoung S. Kim. "One, Two, or Three? Constructs of the Brief Pain Inventory Among Patients With Non-Cancer Pain in the Outpatient Setting." Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 47(2):325-333. February 2014.

Laplante, Kerry L.  SEE also: Aslshammari, Thamir M.; Caffrey, Aisling; Luther, Megan K.; Morril, Haley J.;  Tarquinio, Keiko

Laplante, Kerry L., Infectious Diseases Section Editor. Journal of Human Pharmacology and Drug Therapy. 2014.

Laplante, Kerry L. "Virulence Profile."Virulence. 596):691-694. August 15, 2014.

Larrat, E. Paul.   SEE also: Aslshammari, Thamir M.

Larrat, Paul E., Rita M. Marcoux and F. Randy Vogenberg. "Implications of Recent Controlled Substance Policy Initiatives." P and T. 39(2):126-128. February 2014.

Leung, Jonathan G., Sarah Nelson, Christopher R. Takala and Jessica L. Goren. "Infection and Inflammation Leading to Clozapine Toxicity and Intensive Care: A Case Series." Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 48(6):801-805. 2014.

Lu, B., J. B. Driban, J. Duryer, T. McAlindon, K.Lapane and C. B. Eaton. "Milk Consumption and Progression of Medialtibofemoral Knee Osteoarthritis: Data for the Osteoarthritis Initiative." Arthritis Care Research. 2014.

Luther, Megan K., Leonard A. Mermel and Kerry L. Laplante. "Comparison of ML8-X10 (az PrototypeOil-in-Watedr Micro-Emulsion Based on a Novel Frdee Fztty Zcid), Taurolidinr/Citrate/Heparin and Vancomycin/Heparin Antimicrobial Lock Solutions in the Eradication of Biofilm-Producing Staphylococci From Central...." Journal of Microbial Chemotherapy. 69(2):3263-3267. December 20q4.1

Machado, May C., Keiko M. Tarquinio and Thomas J. Webster. "Bacterial Adhesion to Nanomodified Surfaces: Dynamic Flow Effects on S. aureus and P. Aeryginosa."  IN: Biometric, Bio-Inspired and Self-Assembled Materials for Engineered Surfaces and Applications. (Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings) v.1498) 2014.  p.79-

Marcoux, Rita M.  SEE: Larrat, E. Paul.

Matson, Kelley L.  SEE: Pawasaukas, Jayne.

Mermel, Leonard A.  SEE also: Angione, S. L.; Kassakian, Steven Z.; Luther, Megan K.; Safdar, N.; Yokoe, D. S.

Mermel, Leonard A. "Diverse Sources of C difficile Infection." New England Journal of Medicine. 370(2):182-183. January 9, 2014.

Mermel, Leonard A. "What Is the Evidence for Intraluminal Colonization of Hemodialysis Catheters?" Kidney International. 2014.

Moczygembe, L. R., R. D. Osborn and Kerry L. Lapane. "Adherence to Behavior Therapy and Psychiatry Visits in a Safety-Net Setting in Virginia, USA." Health Soc Care Comm. 2014.

Morrill, Haley J., MelissaM. Gaitanis and K. L. Lapane. "Antimolecular Stewardship Program Prompts Increased and Earlier Infectious Diseases son Situation." Antimicrobial Resistance Infection Control. 3(1):#12. 2014.

Nield, J., M. Magnussen, D. Chapman and K. L. Lapane. "Age at Menarche and Risky Sexual Partnerships in Adulthood: Does a Biosocial Model Explain Any Associations?" Journal of Women's Health. 23(4):342-349. April 2014.

Nield, J., B. Magnusson, C. Brooks, D. Chapman and K. L. Lapane. "Sexual Discordance and Sexual Partnering Among Heterosexual Women." Archives of Sexual Behavior. 2014.

Nonprescriptions Medicine Academy Steering Committee, Emily M. Ambizas, Karen M. S. Bstianelli, Stefanie P. Ferreri, Seena L. Haines, Katherine Kelly Orr, Misty M. Stutz, Jenny A. VanAmburgh and Miranda Wilhelm. "Evolution of Self-Care Education." American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. 78(2):#28. 2014.

Orr, Katherine  Kelly.  SEE: Ambizas, Emily M.;  Jackson, Anita N.; Nonprescriptions....

Ott, Brian R.  SEE: Afari, Maxwell G.; Barco, P. P.; Daiello, L. A.;  Springate, Beth A.

Pawasaukas, Jayne, Benjamin Stevens, Rouba Youssef and Michelle Kelley. "Predictors of Naloxone Use for Respiratory Depression and Oversedation in Hospitalized Adults." American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. 71:746- May 1, 2014.

Pawasaukas, Jayne, Kelly L. Matson and Emily Mathew. "Drug Disposal: What Can We Learn From the Contents of a Drug Disposal Drop Box?" Annual Meeting of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy. 34 October 2014.

Pawasaukas, Jayne, Kelly L. Matson and Rouba Youssef. "Transitioning to Computer-Based Testing." Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning. 6(2):289-297. March-April 2014.

Price, Cristofer.  SEE: Baytop, Chanza.

Quilliam, Brian J.  SEE: Lapane, Kate L

Safdar, N., D. G. Maki and L. A. Mermel. "Infections Due to Infusion Therapy."  IN: Bennett and Brachman's Hospital Infections, 6th ed., Edited by W. Jarvis. Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 2014.  p.561-592.

Snyder, Peter J., Yen Ying Lim, Rachel Schindler, Brian R. Ott, Stephen Salloway, Lori Daiello, Christine Getter, Catherine M. Gordon and Paul Maruff. "Microdosing of Scopolamine as a 'Cognitive Stress Test': Rationale Test of a Very Low Dose in an At-Risk Cohort of Older Adults." Alzheimer's & Dementia. 10(2):262-267. March

Springate, Beth A., Geoffrey Temont, George Papandonatos and Br R. Ott. "Screening for Mild Cognitive Impairment Using Dementia Rating Scale-2." Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry an Neurology. 27(2):139-144. June 2014.

Tantravahi, Umeadei.  SEE: He, M.

Tarquinio, Keiko M.  SEE also: Machado, May C.

Tarquinio, Keiko, Kelsey Confreda, James Shurko and Kerry Laplante. "Activities of Tobramycin and Polymyxin-E Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Coated Medical Guide Endotracheal Tubes." Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 58(3):1723-1729. March  2014.

Taveira, Tracey H., Wen-Chih Wu, Evelyne Tschibelu, David Borsook, Donald C. Simonson, Rinah Yanamoto, Daniel DE. Langelben, Robert Swift and Igor Elman. "The Effect of Naltrexone on Body Fat Mass in Olanzapin-Treated Schizophrenic or Schizoaffective Patients: A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study." Journal of Psychopharmacology. 28(4):394-400. April 2014.

Taveira, Tracey H. and Wen-Chih Wu. "Interventions to Maintain Cardiac Risk Control After Discharge From

Ulbricht, C., R. Bramwell, M. Catapang, N. Giese, R. Isaac, T. D. Le, J. Montalbano, S. Tanquay-Colucci, N. J. Trelour, W. Weisner, R. C. Windsor, J Wortley, H. Yoon and M. M. Zeolla. "An Evidence-Based Systematic Review of Chlorophyll by the Natural Standard Research Collaborative." Journal of Dietary Supplements. 11(2):198-239. June 2014.

Ulbricht, Catherine, Ethan Basch, Lisa Chung, Harley Goldberg, Paul Hammervess, Richard Isaac, Karta Purkh, Singh Khalan, Aviva Romm, Idalia Rychlik, Mimmey Vaughese, Wendy Weissoner, Regina C. Windsor and Jayne Wontley. "An Evidence-Based Systematic Review of Elderberry and Elderflower (Sambucus nigra) by the Natural Standard Research Collaborative." Journal of Dietary Supplements. 11(1):80-120. March 2014.

Ulbricht, C., J. K. Bryan,D. Costa,  S. Culwell, N. Giese, R. Isaac, K. Nummy, T. Pham, C. Rapp, E. Rusie. W. Weissner, R. C. Windsor, J. Woods and S. Zhou. "An Evidence-Based Systematic Review of Goji (Lyciuj spp.) by the Natural Standard Research Collaborative." Journal of Dietary Supplements. 2014.

Vogenberg, F. Randy.  SEE also: Larrat, E. Paul.

Vogenberg, F. Randy, Advisory Editorial Board. Value-Based Care in Rheumatology. Vol.3, 2014.

Ward, Kristina E.  SEE also: Edwards, Krystal L.

Ward, K. E. and B. M. O'Brien. "Pregnancy and Lactation: Therapeuticb Considerations."  IN: Dipiro, J. T., R. L. Talbert, G. C. Lee, G. R Matzke, B. G. Wells and L. Posey,  Editors. Pharmacotheraopy: A Pathophysiologic Approach, 9 Edition. McGraw-Hill. 2014.

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