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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014


Andreev, Oleg A.  SEE ALSO: Engelman, Donald; Karabadzhak, Alexander.

Andreev, Oleg A., Donald M. Engelman and Yana K. Reshetnyak. "Targeting Diseased Tissues by pHLIP Insertion at Low Cell Surface pH." Frontiers in Physiology. 5:#97. March 2014.

Bakhti, Benaoumeur, Michael Karbach, Philipp Maass, Mohammed Mokim and Gerhard Muller. "Statistically Interacting Vacancy Particles." Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics. 89(1): January 23, 2014.

Curran, Bruce.  SEE: Sio, T. T.

Engelman, Donald M., Ming An, Oleg A. Andreev, Francesco N. Barrena, Ramam Bahal, Marcus W. Bosenberg, Christopher Cheng, Peter M. Glazer, Alexander Karabadzhak, Yana K. Reshetnyack, W. Mark Saltzman, Frank J. Slack, Alexander A. Svoronos and Damien Thevenin. "Image and Treating Tumors by Targeting Their Acidity With Phlip, a Ph-Sensitive Insertion Peptide(Abstract)." Biophysical Journal. 106(2,S1):231a. 28 January 2014.

Hepel, Jaroslow T., Kara L. Leonard, Jessica R. Hiatt, Thomas A. DiPetrillo and David E. Wazae. "Factors Influencing Eligibility for Breast Boost Using Non-Invasive Image-Guided Breast Brachytherapy (Abstract)." Brachytherapy. 13(Suppl):S81-82. 2014.

Hiatt, Jessica R.  SEE also: Hepel, Jaroslaw T.

Hiatt, Jessica R. and Mark J. Rivard. "A Dosimetric Updatge of the Model S700 Xoft Axxent 50 KV Electronic Brachyotherapy Source Including a Cloverleaf-Shaped Insert (Abstract)." Brachytherapy. 13(Suppl):55-56. March-April 2014.

Karabadzhak, Alexander, Lan Yao, Rachel Langenbacher, Anna Moshnikova, Ramona Adochite, Ming An, Oleg A. Andreev, Yana K. Reshetnyack and Donald M. Engelman. "Phlip-fire: A High-Contrast Insertian-Triggered Fluorescent Probe for Targeting Tumors In Vivo (Abstract)." Biophysical Journal. 106(2,S1):88a-89a. 28 January 2014.

Karbach, Michael.  SEE: Bakhti, Benaoumeur; Moore, C..

Kaufman, Charles.  SEE: Steyerl, Albert.

Liao, Fei, Yunfei Wang, Yue Huang, Quan Mo, Hui Tan, Tahui Wei and Yanchun Hu. "Isolation and Identification of Bacteria Capable of Degrading Euptox A From Eupatorium adenophorum Spreng." Toxicon. 77:87-92. 2014.

Malik, Surendra S.   SEE:  Steyerl, Albert.

Moore, C., Dan Liu, B. Ballnos, M. Karbach and G. Muller. "Disks ion a Narrow Channel: Jammed by Gravity and Centrifug: Profiles of Pressure, Mass Density  and entropy Density." Journal of Statistical Mechanics. 2014(4):#P04008. 22p.

Moshnikova, Anna.  SEE: Karabadzhak, Alexander.

Muller, Gerhard.  SEE: Bakhti, Benaoumeur; Moore, C.;  Steyerl, Albert.

Reshetnyack, Yana K.   SEE: Andreev, Oleg A.; Engelman, Donald; Karabadzhak, Alexander.

Sio, T. T., S Jang, S. W. Lee, B. Curran, A. P. Pyakuryal and E. S. Sterniak. "Comparing Gamma Knife and Cyberknife in Patients With Brain Metastases." Journal of Applied Clinical Medicine and Physics. 15(1):14-26. 2014.

Sterniak, Edward S.  SEE also: Sio, T. T.

Sterniak, Edward S. "Development of a Comprehensive Radiation Oncology Quality and Safety Program." Frontiers in Oncologgy. 4:#30. February 2014.

Steyerl, A., C. Kaufman, G. Muller, S. S. Malik, A. M. Desaiand and R. Golub. "Calculation of Geometric Phases in Electric Dipole Searches With Trapped Spin-1/2 Particles Based on Direct Solution of the Schnedinger Equation." Nuclear Experiment. 2014:1-10.

Wang, Yunfei.  SEE: Liao, Fei.

Desjardins, Ganikhanov, Goodman, Hart, Heskett, Kahn, Letcher, Meyerovitch, Nightingale, Northby, Nunes, Penhallow, Pickart, Willis

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