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Faculty Publications
Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014


Barnett, Nancy P., Elise M. Clerkin, Mark Wood, Peter M. Monti, Tracy O'Leary Tevyaw, Donald Corriveau, Allan Fingeret and Christopher W. Kahler. "Description and Predictors of Positive and Negative Alcohol-Related Consequences in the First Year of College." 75(1):103-114. January 2014.

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Jones, Deborah, Ryan Cook, Kris Arheart, Colleen A Redding, Robert Zulu, Jose Castro and Stephen M. Weiss. "Acceptability, Knowledge, Beliefs, and Partners as Determinants of Zambian Men's Readiness to Undergo Medical Male Circumcision." AIDS Behavior. 18:278-284. 2014.

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McQuaid, Elizabeth L., David A. Fedele, Sue K. Adams, Daphne Koinis-Mitchell, Jessicq Mitchell, Sheryl J. Kopel, Ronald Seifer, Barbara Jandasek, Gregory K. Fritz and Glorisa Canino. " Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use nand Adherence to Asthmas Medications Among Latino and Non-Latino White Families." Academic Pediatrics.14(2):192- March-April 2014.

Morrow, K. M., J. L. Fava, R. K. Rosen, S. Vargas, J. G. Shaw, E. M. Kojic, P. F. Kiser, D. R. Friend and D. F. Katz. "Designing Preclinical Perceptability Measures to Evaluate Topical Vaginal Gel Formulations: Relating User Sensory Perceptions and Experiences top Formulation Properties." AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. 30(1):78-91. January 2014.

Paiva, Andrea L SEE: Lipschutz, J. M.; Reavy, Racheal.

Paiva, A. L., J. M. Lipshutz, A. C. Fernandez, C. A. Redding and J. O. Prochaska. "Evaluation of the Acceptability and Feasibility of a Computer-Tailored Intervention to Increase HPV Vaccination Among Young Adult Women." Journal of American College Health. 62(1):32-38. January 2014.

Parker, D. R., D. Fallone, R. A. Martin, L. A Stein, B. Bock, S. A. Martin, M. B. Roberts, C. E. Lopes and J. J. Clarke. "The Relationship Between Smoking Status and Medical Conditions Among Incarcerated Adults." Journal of Addic Med. 2014.

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van den Berg, Jacob J., Beth Bick, Mary B. Roberts, Lynda A. R. Stein, Peter D. Friedmann, Stephen A. Martin and Jennifer G. Clarke. "Cigarette Smoking as an Expression of Independence and Freedom Among Inmates in a Tobacco-Free Prison in the United States." Nicotine & Tobacco Research. 16(2):238-242. February 2014.

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Yousif, S., J. T. Machan and S. Suner. "Airway Management in Disaster Response: A Mankin Study Comparing Direct and Video Laryngoscopy for Endotrachial Intubation by Pre-Hospital Providers in Level C Personal Protective Equipment (Abstract)." Journal of Emergency Medicine. 46(2):300. 2014.

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