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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

Anderson, Christopher M.  SEE also: Uchida, Hirotsugu,

Anderson, Christopher M. and Hirotsugu Uchida. "An Experimental Examination of Fisheries With Concurrent Common Pool and Individual Quota Management." Economic Inquiry. 52(2):900-913. April 2014.

Anderson, James L.  SEE: Blasiak, Robert.

Blasiak, Robert, James L. Anderson, Peter Bridgewater, Ken Furuya, Benjamin S. Halpern, Hisashi Kurokura, Joji Morishita, Nobuyuki Yagi and Akane Minohara. "Paradigms of Sustainable Ocean Management." Marine Policy. 48: 206-2011. September 2014.

Lang, Corey. "Do Weather Fluctuations Cause People to Seek Information About Climate Change?" Climactic Change. 125:291-303. 2014.

Lang, Corey, James J. Opaluch and George Sfinarolakis. "The Windy City: Pr4operty Value Impacts of Wind Turbines in an Urban Setting." Energy Economics. 44:413-421/ 2014.

Roheim, Cathy A.  SEE: Uchida, Hirotsugu,

Spier, Cameron, Caroline Pomeroy and Jon G. Sutinen. "Port Level Fishing Dynamics: Assessing Changes in the Distribution of Fishing Activity Over Time." Marine Policy. 46:171-191. May 2014.

Sutinen, Jon G.  SEE: Speir, Cameron.

Uchida, Hirotsugu.  SEE also: Anderson, Christopher M.

Uchida, Hirotsugu, Yuko Onozaka, Tamaki Morita and Shunsauke Managi. "Demand for Ecolabeled Seafood in the Japanese Market: A Conjoint Analysis of the Impact of Information and Interaction With Other Labels." Food Policy. 44:68-76. February 2014.

Uchida, Hirotsugu, Cathy A. Roheim, Hiroki Wakamatsu and Christopher M. Anderson. "Do Japanese Consumers Care About Sustainable Fisheries? Evidence From an Auction of Ecolabelled Seafood." Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. 58(2):163-280. 2014.

Grigalunas, ToddGuilfoos, Opaluch, Sproul

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