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Last updated: 4/06/10

What’s New:
Library Exhibit — April 2 -  May 29, 2010
Confessions by Liviu Cupceancu

In the University Libraries Gallery during April and May is Confessions, a collection of wooden sculptures, oil and acrylic paintings, and prints by Liviu Cupceancu.

Gordian Knot
Gordian Knot

Artist’s Statement

Life is a journey in time and space. In this endless pursuit revealing the agreement between all things in establishing new relationships. I have a small part to play, but a very important mission.

In my work utilizing the semi-abstract elements of nature and organizing imaginative patterns of shape and color, I try to record what I see and feel. The figurative and metaphorical pieces of my three-dimensional figures show to the world the positive, unseen beauty, and tension of the human body. To express the balance between man and his environment, I let the wood and bronze spur my creativity, drawing energy from the form as it takes shape in my hands.

For tools, the juxtaposition of dissimilar images and objects, the elaboration of symbolic functions, and the disclosure of hidden symmetry of objects play the most important role.


About the Artist

Liviu Cupceancu was born in Romania in 1943 and is now living in Connecticut, USA.

Liviu become interested in art at a very young age… influenced by his artistically inclined parents. He spent most of his childhood in Bucharest, Romania and attended the University Of Bucharest School Of Biology, where he received his degree. Liviu continued to be fascinated by art and studied it at length in his spare time. He complemented his studies with art and photography classes at the "Ioan Dalles" Romanian Popular University.

In 1981, Liviu left his communist country in search of freedom and moved to Germany with his wife Elena. Four years later the couple moved to Connecticut, USA, where they currently reside. After his move to the United States, Liviu worked in neurobiology research at the University of Connecticut. His artistic talent enabled him to contribute scientific illustrations and photography for magazines such as The Journal of Neuroscience and Neuron.

While at the University of Connecticut, Liviu continued to work on his true passion… art. His work during this time includes photography, surreal acrylics, and abstract oil paintings. In 1998, Liviu made the decision to dedicate himself entirely to his art and shifted his focus to wood and metal sculpture.

Torso A
Torso A

Throughout the years Liviu has been a member of several art associations. Liviu's work is in private collections in USA and Europe and frequently exhibited in juried art shows where he received many awards.

His work is exhibited year round in Polonaise Art Gallery, Woodstock VT, and at his home gallery in Connecticut.

To learn more about the artist, please visit his site at

Ethernal Attraction

The University Libraries Gallery is located on the main floor of the Robert L. Carothers Library & Learning Commons, 15 Lippitt Road, Kingston, RI 02881. Library hours are:

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For more information, please call (401) 874-2672.

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