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Accessing Reserve Material

The Reserves Collection in the University Library, Kingston, contains material designated by University faculty as high-use or required readings for specific courses. Items on Reserve for a course may include books, articles from periodicals, or special items loaned by faculty. A number of high-use items unrelated to specific courses are also located on Reserve.
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To access materials on Reserve, print or electronic, use the HELIN Library Catalog, available from the University Library home page: To search for items on Reserve, choose either Course Name or Instructor.

HELIN Search Screen
HELIN Library Catalog Search Screen.

Course Name Entry Screen.
In the search box, type your course code or course name (for example, HIS 171 or East Asian Culture and History),


Instructor Name Entry Screen.
or your instructor’s name (for example, George), then click the “Search” button.


You will see a screen that lists the materials on Reserve for your course.

List of Reserve Material for HIS 171.
List of Reserve Material for HIS 171.

To check out the item you need, write down the title (for example, Analects) and the item’s call number (for example HIS 171 Photo 3). Give this information along with your library card (your URI ID) or your Special Borrower’s Card to the staff at the Reserve Desk.

If the item you need is available through E-Reserves, the words “*ELECTRONIC COPY AVAILABLE*” will be visible in the right-hand column.

To access an item on Electronic Reserve, click on the title of the item. A window will open that prompts you for your name and your library barcode. Enter your name as it appears on your University ID and your library barcode in the spaces provided. Click “Submit.”

Enter your name and your library barcode
Enter your name and your library barcode.

The item you requested will appear in .PDF format, which requires the software Adobe Reader. The latest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free at

Requested document opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Requested document opens in Adobe Reader.

Once the Electronic Reserve document appears on your screen, you may read it online, save it to disk, or print it to an attached printer.

Items on Electronic Reserve can be accessed from ANY computer at ANY time.

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If you have any questions on how to access Reserve materials, please contact the Reserve Desk at (401) 874-5855.

S. Bannister • 4/02; rev. A. Rathemacher, 5/03, rev. S. Bannister, 8/04, 2/08