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Last updated: 1/31/11

Interlibrary Loan

ILL request forms are available at the bottom of this page. Please familiarize yourself with the policies below before submitting requests.

Hours and telephone numbers


The Interlibrary Loan office in Kingston is open from 8:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The office can be reached at (401) 874-4613 or (401) 874-5935.

The CCE and Pell Libraries provide their own Interlibrary Loan service. You may contact CCE at (401) 277-5130 and Pell at (401) 874-6161.

What is an interlibrary loan? | Eligibility for loans | Limitation on loans | Number of requests  | Arrival of loans—print delivery | Arrival of loans—electronic delivery | Duration of loans | Restrictions on use | Service policy | Charges | Instructions | Request forms (Kingston & CCE libraries only) | Request forms (Pell library only) | Other options | Contact information

What is an interlibrary loan?


An interlibrary loan (ILL) is a loan made by another library to the University Library, so that a researcher here may have access to materials URI does not own. Copies, rather than original materials, may sometimes be supplied.

Eligibility for loans


Interlibrary Loan service is available to faculty, students, and staff of the University of Rhode Island. Materials requested should be limited to those needed for research.

Limitation on loans


Loans are governed by the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States of the American Library Association and the policies of the lending institution. Libraries do not ordinarily loan the following types of materials:

Recently published books
Journals (photocopies of individual articles are available)
Rare materials, including manuscripts
Reference materials
Genealogical materials
Bulky or fragile materials
Doctoral dissertations, when readily available from University Microfilms International
Materials on Reserve
Audio-visual Materials

In addition, the Interlibrary Loan office will not accept requests for patents. If you would like suggestions on how to obtain patents, please stop by or call the office.

The National Copyright Law (Public Law 94-553) General Revision became effective January 1, 1978. This law places limitations on what may be copied, as well as under what conditions and for what purposes copying may take place. More information is available at the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).

Number of requests


Patrons may request as many items as they wish, however, the ILL office reserves the right to process only 5 requests per patron per week. Patrons should prioritize their requests by submitting them in the order you wish to receive them.

Arrival of loans—print delivery


Sufficient time should be allowed for the arrival of material (books, microfilms, photocopies of journal articles, etc.) from other institutions. In many cases two to five weeks are necessary. Loaned materials may be picked up at the Circulation Desk.

Arrival of loans—electronic delivery


Most periodical articles requested through Interlibrary Loan will be delivered electronically directly to patrons desktops through the ARIEL Document Delivery System. When an article is ready for pick-up, the patron will receive an e-mail containing a Web link to the article and a case-sensitive PIN number needed to access the document. Each article may be viewed and/or printed up to 10 times within 20 days. After the document has been viewed/printed 10 times or 20 days has elapsed, the article will be purged and will no longer be accessible.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or above is required for viewing and printing electronically delivered materials. Adobe Acrobat reader is available free online. It may be downloaded by clicking on the following icon: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Please note that in order to take advantage of this new system, patrons must have registered their library barcodes and provided the University Libraries with a valid e-mail address at the time of registration. To check if your barcode is active and if the Libraries have your current e-mail address on file, please call the Circulation Desk of your home library:

Kingston (401) 874-2672
CCE (Providence) (401) 277-5130
Pell (Narragansett) (401) 874-6161

The University Libraries will deliver as many of the requested periodical articles electronically as possible. Exceptions may be made under special circumstances.

The staff of the University Libraries is excited about this new method of document delivery and the increased convenience it will provide for library users. Any questions about the new system or problems with accessing documents may be addressed to Emily Greene in the Kingston Interlibrary Loan Office. Emily can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (401) 874-4613.

Duration of loans


Most libraries will lend material for two weeks from its arrival at URI. It is the responsibility of the borrower to return materials promptly. Loaned materials can be returned to the Circulation Desk. Photocopies of periodical articles and articles delivered online and printed by the patron do not need to be returned.

Restrictions on use


The URI Library is bound by any restrictions placed on loans by the lending library. These may include restricting use of the material to within the library, obtaining the signature of the borrower, and/or prohibiting photocopying.

Service policy


Interlibrary Loan service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. While the ILL office attempts to honor the “cancel if not filled by” date indicated on the request form, it does not guarantee the receipt of materials by that date.



Charges imposed by the lending library are the responsibility of the borrower. It is not always possible to know in advance if there will be a charge. The Library attempts to subsidize this service.



Please check the HELIN library catalog before requesting materials. If the material is owned by the Library and is checked in but not on the shelf, please request a Search at the Circulation Desk. Before Interlibrary Loan can accept a request for owned materials, a search must have been in process for a period of two weeks. If the material is owned by the Library but is checked out, please do not place an Interlibrary Loan request, but instead recall the title by following the procedures for placing a HELIN loan. Materials on Reserve or on microform cannot be requested.

Forms for requesting materials through Interlibrary Loan are available online. A separate form must be submitted for each item. Forms should be filled out completely, including the source of the citation (e.g. index or abstract title, volume, date, page, or abstract number). Please note that when you are asked for your library barcode, if there are any A’s at the beginning or end of your barcode, leave them off. Just enter the numbers, which will begin 21222.... Any deadline for obtaining the material must be included. The Interlibrary Loan office will assist in verifying bibliographic information for difficult requests. Telephone requests are not permitted.

Request forms (Kingston & CCE libraries only)


Interlibrary Loan materials may be requested online. To view the status of an Interlibrary Loan request, check your library record in the HELIN catalog.

  • Request a Book via Interlibrary Loan.
  • Search and request materials from WorldCat that are not available in the HELIN catalog.
  • Search and request materials from ArticleFirst that are not available in your library.
Request forms (Pell library only)


  • Request a Book via Interlibrary Loan at Pell.
Other options


To obtain materials more quickly than by using Interlibrary Loan, you may want to use a document delivery service or travel to a regional library. More information is available.

Contact information


The Kingston Interlibrary Loan office is staffed by Emily Greene. To reach Emily, please call (401) 874-4613 or email

Tawanda Maceia staffs the Interlibrary Loan Office at the Providence Campus. She can be reached at (401) 277-5134 or at

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