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  Please note: The links below provide an overview of the topics covered in the course.  Each instructor may have his or her own materials.  For further information, please contact your instructor directly, or contact Mary MacDonald, Information Literacy Librarian.

Information Organization
    What is Information?
    Information Explosion & Information Overload
    Organization and Characteristics of Information

The Research Process
     Developing a Topic
     Developing a Search Strategy

Quality of Information
     Judging the Quality of Information
     Interpretation and Evaluation Criteria

Monographic Information
     HELIN Library Catalog (Basic and Advanced)
     Library of Congress Classification
     Library of Congress Subject Headings
     Subject vs. Key Word Searching
     Bibliographic Records
     Annotated Bibliographies

Introduction to Periodical Information
     Information and Publication Cycle
     Popular, Trade, and Scholarly Periodicals
     Finding Periodicals in the HELIN Library Catalog

Finding Periodical Information
     Indexes & Indexing
     Print Indexes vs. Electronic Databases
     Access Points
     Boolean Logic
     Evaluating Results and Refocusing the Search
     Team Database Discovery Project

The Internet
     Brief History of the Internet
     Characteristics of Information on the Internet
     Search Engines and Directories
     Evaluating Internet Information

Statistics and Experts
     Finding Statistical Information
     Evaluating Statistical Information
     Using Experts in Research

Information Packaging
     Presentation and Ownership of Information
     Citations and Citation Formats

Issues of the Information Age
     Agricultural, Industrial, and Information Ages
     Intellectual Property / Commodification of Information
     Information Policy and Privacy
     Access to Information
     Preservation of the Human Record


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