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Last updated: 11/9/09

Electronic Reserves

What is Electronic Reserves?
The Electronic Reserves system is a service which uses image scanning technology to provide electronic document delivery for some reserve readings. The service allows students to search, view, and print reserve course materials online. Using the Internet, students can search the “Course Reserves” section of the HELIN library catalog then click on any item marked “Electronic Copy Available” to access the material. Students must enter their name and valid library card number for security and copyright compliance.

Where is E-Reserves available?
Electronic Reserves is currently available at all University of Rhode Island Libraries.

What can be placed on E-Reserves?
Items that may be placed on Electronic Reserves are:

  1. Instructor generated material (i.e. class notes, past exams, homework, etc.)
  2. Journal articles which can be linked through the ProQuest databases or the Expanded Academic Index database. (Complete citation information must be provided.**)
  3. Other print materials, providing the instructor has met copyright requirements.

**Processing materials for Electronic Reserves is more time consuming than the traditional Reserves process. Therefore, we ask that instructors request only those items that will be receiving the highest use from students to be placed on Electronic Reserve.

How do instructors submit material for E-Reserves?

  1. After reading the Reserves Policies and Procedures, complete and sign a Reserve List Request Form. Submit this form along with your material to the Reserves Office.
  2. Due to the additional processing procedures required for E-Reserves, material must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the date needed for class use.
  3. Instructors should indicate on the traditional “Reserve List Request” form those items they would like available electronically.
  4. Original paper copies submitted for E-Reserves must be:
    1. New, clear, clean copies OR saved on a disk in .PDF, .TIF, .GIF, .JPEG, .BMP or .DOC format.
    2. NO staples, folds or creases please.
    3. Less than 50 pages per item. (Keep in mind large files are difficult to download/print.)
    4. One-sided copies only. (No double-sided copies.)
    5. All pages should be numbered to insure proper sequence.
    6. Standard 8.5" x 11" pages only.

What about “traditional” Reserves?
“Reserves” as we all know it will essentially remain the same. Electronic Reserves is offered to enhance our service to instructors and students. For each electronic item placed on reserve, we will also process ONE paper copy as an additional backup.

Whom should I call If I have questions?

Liz Smith
Reserves Unit
(401) 874-5855
University of Rhode Island Libraries

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