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Last updated: 3/17/06

Serials Cancellations
FY 1988
Effective January 1, 1988

From a memo to Library faculty from Collection Management Officer William T. O’Malley in October 1987.:

“The Library has completed the first phase of its review of journal costs. As reported earlier, we are attempting to reduce the rate of increase in projected costs by $100,000 over a two year period. During the 86/87 academic year the Library spent over $875,000 on current subscriptions and has allocated $1,010,000 this year, and $1.1 million for next year. In order to stay within this budget, we must reduce present costs by $65,000 this year and $35,000 next  year. After consultation with department chairpersons in August and September, we have cancelled our subscriptions to the journals cited on the list which follows.

We are already engaged in the second phase of the project (i.e., finding an additional $35,000 in reductions). We will be sending to all departments, before December, a list of journals which have been deferred for cancellation for one year (on original August 1987 list.) This list will include journals which have been recommended by departments as alternatives for cancellation, additional titles of newspapers and duplicate subscriptions in order to elicit further response by the university community before final action is taken.”

Acta Astronautica  
AGB Reports / Notes  
Ageing International  
Agriculture International  
Akademiia Nauk...Bio. Sci. [retained at Pell]  
Al Ahram  
American Book Publishing Record (monthly)  
American Indian Law Newsletter  
American Journal of Gastroenterology  
American Rowing  
America's Corporate Families  
Annales Pharmaceutique Francaises  
Annals of Nuclear Energy  
Annals of Opthalmology  
Archives of Asian Art  
Arkiv foer Nordisk Filologi  
Art Education  
Art International  
Arts and Activities  
Arts in Psychotherapy  
Asakai shin-bun  
Athens News  
Australian Journal of Physics  
Biomedical Engineering  
Brain Research  
British Poultry Science  
Brown Swiss Bulletin  
Business Index  
California Quarterly  
Chem. Engineering Communications  
Chem. Geology & Isotope Science [retained at Pell]  
China Daily  
Chinese Sociology & Anthropology  
Church and State  
Combustion and Flame  
Contributions to Mineralogy & Petrology [retained at Pell]  
Corriere della Sera  
DNR : Daily News Record  
Dairy Goat Journal  
Dairy Science Abstracts  
Design Methods and Theories  
Dickinson Studies  
Differential Equations  
El Dorado  
Electric Technology  
Electroenceph. & Clinical Neuro.  
Estado de Sao Paulo  
Europe Outremer  
European Chemical News  
Excerpta Medica... Gerontology  
Excerpta Medica... Physiology
Excerpta Medica... Public Health
Field Crop Abstracts
Four Quarters  
Free China Review  
Genetique, Selection, Evol.  
Geochemistry International [retained at Pell]  
Golf Digest  
Harvey Lectures  
Hoard’s Dairyman  
Hockey Field  
Hydrobiologia [retained at Pell]  
The Hymn  
Index to U.S. Government Periodicals [retained at Pell]  
Indian Academy of Sci....Animal Sci.  
Indian Academy of Sci....Plant Sci.  
Indian Journal of Medical Research  
International Drug Therapy Newsletter  
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology  
International Journal of Psycho-Analysis  
International Journal of Social Economics  
International Problems  
IPI Report  
Irish Times  
Journal of Atmos. & Terres. Physics  
Journal of Dairy Science  
Journal of Family Welfare  
Journal of Gen. Chem. of the USSR  
Journal of Geochemical Exploration  
Journal of Natural History [retained at Pell]  
Journal de Pharmacie de Belgique  
Journal of Soviet Mathematics  
Journal of Transpersonal Psychology  
Kentucky Ancestors  
Kurschner's Deutscher Gelehrten-Kalender  
The Listener  
Local Historian  
Marine Geology [retained at Pell]  
Markham Review  
Medical Journal of Australia  
Medical Physics  
Meteorological & Geoastrophysical Abstracts  
Michigan Historical Review  
Micrographics Newsletter  
Le Mois en Afrique  
Moscow University Math Bulletin  
Music Journal  
Mutation Research  
Nation's School Report  
NCAA News  
Nebraska History  
New Community  
New Hampshire Profiles  
New Society  
New Zealand Journal of Agriculture  
New Zealand Medical Journal  
Nova Hedwiga [retained at Pell]  
Novum Gebrauchsgraphik  
Nuclear Engineering International  
Nursing Times - Nursing Mirror  
Onde Electrique  
Ophelia [retained at Pell]  
Optim. Control Appl. & Method.  
Oriental Art  
Outdoor Life  
Parent Cooperative Preschools International Journal  
Performing Arts in Canada  
Petroleum Economist  
Phos./ Sulfur/ Rela. Elements  
Physiology and Behavior [retained at Pell]  
Plan Canada  
Planetary & Space Science  
Poet and Critic  
Poetry Northwest  
Polynesian Society Journal  
Power Engineering  
Practical Lawyer  
Pravda (English edition)  
La Prensa  
Proceed., Earth/ Pl. Sci., In. Acad.  
Processing (England)  
Radiation Effects  
Radiation Effects Letters  
Radioelec./ Communic. Sys. (USSR)  
Reference & Research Book News  
Register of the Kentucky Historical Society  
Renmin Ribao  
Review. Fernand Braudel Center for the Study of Economies, Historical Systems, and Civilizations  
Revista de Espirituadlidad  
RIG: Rivista Ital. di Geotechnia  
Russian Chemical Reviews  
Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry  
Russion Journal of Physical Chemistry  
Saturday Evening Post  
School Administrator  
Sci. Information Notes  
Service Point  
Social Compass  
Sociological Practice  
South Dakota Review  
Soviet Applied Mechanics  
Soviet Genetics  
Soviet Geography  
Soviet Journal Commun. Tech. (USSR)  
Soviet Journal of Ecology  
Soviet Meteo./ Hydrology (USSR)  
Soviet Plant Physiology  
Soviet Soil Science  
Soviet Sport Review  
Soviet Studies in Philosophy  
Stochastic Proc. & Applic.  
Straits Times  
Studia Geophysica et Geod.  
Studie Francesi  
Studies in the Humanities  
Sunday Times  
Swimming World  
Sydney Morning Herald  
Synthetic Materials  
Tectolophysics [retained at Pell]  
Telecom./ Radio Engr. (USSR)  
Textiles Suisses  
Thermal Engineering (USSR)  
Track and Field News  
Typographical Journal  
University of Hartford Studies in Literature  
Urban Outlook  
USSR Computa. Math... (USSR)  
Virginia Cavalcade  
Vision Research  
Vistas in Astronomy  
Vocational Aspect of Education  
Wascana Review  
Western Canadian Anthropologist  
Who Owns Whom, Australasia  
Wormwood Review  
Yale Literary Magazine  
Zeitschrift für Ethnologie  
Zeitschrift für Metallkunde  
TOTAL (210 titles) $63,575



Arts & Humanities 33 titles $1,436 2.26%
Social Sciences 69 titles $7,336 11.54%
Biological Science 37 titles $13,775 21.67%
Phys.Sci./Engin. 44 titles $23,728 37.32%
Newspapers 12 titles $9,500 14.94%
Duplicate titles 15 titles $7,800 12.27%
TOTALS 210 titles $63,575 100%


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