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Last updated: 7/22/05

Serials Cancellations
FY 2004
Effective January 1, 1994

TO: Deans, Department Chairs, and Library Representatives
FROM: W. T. O'Malley, University Library
DATE: 13 Sept. 1993
RE: Journal Subscriptions

The rising costs of our present journal subscriptions during the past 4 years when we last had a serious reduction in subscriptions, necessitates, yet again, another reduction in serial subscriptions. At that time we were attempting to keep the allocation to about one million dollars. With the same base in serials today, we project that this reduced number of serials will cost about $1.5 million. At best we can only allocate $1.3 million in FY94. Other costs have risen as well, so that we must cancel at least $175,000 worth of serials this year.

From the perspective of undergraduate education, our collections are substantial, broad-based, and much more than adequate for the needs of our students. The reductions we now plan will not affect that assessment. During the last review for cancelling subscriptions, it was clearly established by all of the faculty who helped us review our serials collection, that our collection contains only the basic journals needed to support the broad range of graduate programs at URI. As in the past, certain journals have risen in cost at a much higher rate than others, which creates this continuing squeeze on all of our resources. The Library intends to reduce our projected subscription expenditures by concentrating our attention on those journals which are the most expensive, and those which have risen most precipitously in cost.

All areas of the Library's budget are constrained this year: we plan to reduce book purchases by $225,000 from last year's level; personnel has seriously been curtailed; and other operating costs have been reduced as well.

The actual level of cuts in journals is not known for certain at this time, but it will be at least $175,000 and may be substantially higher for this year. We are pleased to note in the President's plan substantial increases in Library capital for the future.

At this time there are not easy choices to be made regarding cuts. While we are cutting a few of the less expensive journals, we believe that the most effective and fairest approach available is to cut the fewest, most expensive journals and seek to offset the effects of that cut by subsidizing access through CARL Uncover's document delivery service for members of the research community.

Acta Tropica $722
Akad. Nauk... Physics of the Solid Earth (Eng. trans.) $565
Analytica Chimica Acta $2817
Anatomical Record $1590
Annual Bibliography of the History of Printed Books $??
Applicable Analysis $3344
Archives of Microbiology $1915
Automatica $970
Behaviour Research and Therapy $510
Books in Canada $32
Brain Research Bulletin $1406
British Book News $134
Carbohydrate Research $2725
Chemical Engineering Science $1923
Chemical Physics $2639
Chemical Physics Letters $4454
Chemistry and Physics of Lipids $1527
Chromatographia $912
Chromosoma $1123
Columbia Library Columns $12
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics $730
Computers and Chemistry $582
Computers and Graphics $846
Computers and Operations Research $734
Computers in Industry $647
Corrosion Science $1416
Crystallography [Soviet Physics, Eng. trans.] $950
Current Advances in Ecological and Environmental Sciences $1131
Current Contents : Agriculture $460
Current Contents : Arts $460
Current Contents : Engineering $460
Current Contents : Life $460
Current Contents : Physical $460
Current Contents : Social $460
Diabetologia $550
Discrete Mathematics (with Discrete Applied Mathematics) $3068
Electrochimica Acta $1739
Engineering Geology $671
Environmental and Experimental Botany $504
European Economic Review $826
European Journal of Operational Research $1572
Fluid Dynamics [Eng. trans. from Russian] $1075
Food and Chemical Toxicology $913
Frankfurter Allgemeine $210
Franklin Institute Journal $827
General Pharmacology $1254
Harvard Library Bulletin $35
Heterocycles $1374
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture $561
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences $874
International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics $742
International Journal of Production Economics $743
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Science $1198
Jeune Afrique $232
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics [PMM tr. from Russian] $1226
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Technical Physics [tr. from Russian] $1070
Journal of Applied Polymer Science $3530
Journal of Automation and Information Science  
Journal of biomechanics $1008
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research $880
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics $1204
Journal of Computer and System Sciences [tr. from Russian] $1040
Journal of Coordination Chemistry A & B $2220
Journal of Experimental Zoology $1800
Journal of Fermentation and Bioengineering $582
Journal of Glaciology $689
Journal of Hydrology $2350
Journal of Irish Literature $18
Journal of Materials Processing Technology $1350
Journal of Membrane Science $2605
Journal of Musicological Research $??
Journal of Neurobiology $646
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids $3313
Journal of Organic Chemistry $785
Journal of Particles and Nuclei [tr. from Russian] $1060
Journal of Polymer Science $2540
Journal of Psychosomatic Research $612
Journal of Public Economics $762
Journal of Quant. Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer $1562
Journal of Robotic Systems $525
Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation $2680
Journal of Structural Learning $??
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids $1464
Mathematical Notes of the USSR [mfilm] $160
Mechanism and Machine Theory $751
Medical Anthropology $??
Microform Review $138
Microscopy: Research and Technique $1050
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry $2455
Neuropharmacology $1264
Neuroscience $3516
Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews $533
Neurotoxicology and Teratology $618
Non-Linear Analysis $1283
Nuclear Physics A & B $11082
Nucleosides and Nucleotides $650
Parasite Immunology $528
Pattern Recognition $1061
Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior $1492
Photosynthesis Research $818
Physica Status Solidi B: Basic Research $1765
Physica A B C & D $8951
Physics Letters A $2608
Physics of Atomic Nucleii [tr. from Russian] $1920
Physiology and Behavior $1412
Phytochemistry $1701
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion $1226
Ploughshares $??
Precambrian Research $1088
Primary Sources and Original Works $??
Private Library $40
Psychoneuroendocrinology $565
Radio Physics and Quantum Electronics [tr. from Russian] $1075
Regulatory Peptides $1482
Russian Physics Journal [tr. from Russian] $1075
Social Science and Medicine $1787
Solid State Electronics $1061
Spectrochimica Acta A $1283
Spectrochimica Acta B $1521
Technical Physics [Soviet Physics, Eng. trans.] $1690
Tetrahedron $5919
Tetrahedron Letters $5273
Theoretica Chimica Acta $1741
Theoretical Computer Science $2680
Toxicon $971
U.S. Library of Congress Subject Headings [mfiche] $90
Water Research $1494
Wear $3091
Women's Studies : An Interdisciplinary Journal $??
World Futures $1059
Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik $965
Zeitschrift für Physik A: Hadrons and Nuclei $1735
TOTAL (131 titles) $190,000
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