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Last updated: 7/29/05

Serials Cancellations
FY 2006
Effective January 1, 1996


Access : The Supplementary Index $178
Acoustical Physics [Soviet Physics, Eng. trans.] $750
Addictive Behaviors $470
Alternative Press Index $175
America History & Life [paper] $2,438
American Doctoral Dissertations $120
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene $115
Analytical Biochemistry $1,576
Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code $786
Annals of Tropical Medicine $300
Applied Science and Technology Index [paper] $1,192
Archive of Applied Mechanics $553
Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine $135
Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine $125
Artbibliographies Modern $1,395
Artificial Cells Blood Substitutes $775
Arts and Humanities Citation Index $5,330
Atlanta Constitution [mfilm] $1,836
Australian Journal of Chemistry $480
Australian Library Journal $104
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology $1,125
Best’s Loss Control Engineering Manual $100
Biologia Plantarum $301
Biological Abstracts [paper] $10,210
Biological and Agricultural Index [paper] $3,926
Biological Cybernetics $1,724
Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry $350
BMJ: British Medical Journal $341
BNA Pension and Benefits Reporter $750
BNA Policy and Practice Series $1,248
Books in Print [one copy] $462
Books in Print Supplement $488
Botanica Acta $300
British Humanities Index $770
British National Biography $500
British Parliamentary Papers, Commons [mfilm] $2,059
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan $552
Business Periodicals Index $1,507
Call (Woonsocket) [mfilm] $445
Canadian Journal of Forest Research $366
Cataloging and Classification Quarterly $300
Cataloging Service Bulletin $100
Chicago Tribune [mfilm] $2,278
Christian Science Monitor Index $520
CINAHL [print] $301
Collection Management $250
Commonwealth Universities Yearbook $281
Communications in Statistics A / B / C $2,195
Comparative Education $392
Comprehensive Psychiatry $189
Computers and Structures $2,660
CPL Bibliographies $285
Current Bibliography on African Affairs $133
Current Index to Journals in Education [paper] $475
Current Microbiology $349
Deutsche Nationalbibliographie... $1,710
Directory of Corporate Affiliations ??
Dissertation Abstracts International [print] $875
DNR: Daily News Record [mfilm] $360
Eastern European Economics $520
Engineering Index [paper] $3,250
Entomological Review [English trans.] $1,395
European Industrial Relations Review $509
European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology $1,779
European Journal of Endocrinology $375
Europhysics Letters $1,675
Evening Times (Pawtucket) [mfilm] $433
Federal Probation [mfilm] $22
Financial Times Index $1,144
Financial Times [mfilm] $1,242
Flora: Morphologie Geobotanik Oekologie $398
Fluid Abstracts--Civil Engineering $686
Folia Primatologica $370
Forensic Science International $817
Geological Abstracts $984
Great Britain. Commons. Debates (Hansard) $3,200
Great Britain. Lords. Debates (Hansard) $1,200
Hartford Courant [paper] $312
Helminthological Abstracts $491
Histochemistry and Cell Biology $1,751
Humanities Index [paper] $1,200
Humanities Index [cd-rom] $750
IEEE Conference Publications $11,995
Index Chemicus $3,000
Index to Current Urban Documents $425
Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law $85
Index to Social Science and Humanities Proceedings $1,100
Index to the Code of Federal Regulations $790
Information and Computation $1,095
INIS Atomindex $770
International Bibliography of Social and Cultural Anthropology $230
International Bibliography of Economics $230
International Bibliography of Political Science $230
International Bibliography of Sociology $230
International Books in Print $385
International Journal for Parasitology $745
International Journal of Cancer $2,012
International Journal of Chemical Kinetics $1,188
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies $985
International Journal of Math Education in Science and Technology $375
International Journal of Political Economy $450
International Journal of Theoretical Physics $695
International Journal of Thermophysics $595
International Political Science Abstracts $432
Jane’s High Speed Marine Craft ??
JETP Letters [Soviet Physics, Eng. trans.] $1,165
Journal für die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik $2,089
Journal of Anatomy $662
Journal of Catalysis $1,555
Journal of Comparative Neurology $7,956
Journal of Computational Physics $1,530
Journal of Crystal Growth $5,305
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics [Soviet JETP] $2,415
Journal of Futures Markets $528
Journal of Mass Spectrometry $1,995
Journal of Modern Optics $1,270
Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology $1,100
Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter $4,588
Journal of Statistical Physics $1,495
Library and Information Science Abstracts $675
Library of Congress (NUC) Audiovisual [mfiche] $110
Library of Congress (NUC) Cartograph [mfiche] $200
Lingua $584
Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts $330
Los Angeles Times [paper] $556
Los Angeles Times Index [paper] $941
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics $2,255
Magnetohydrodynamics [tr. from Russian] $945
Mathematical Biosciences $1,112
Mathematische Annalen $2,114
MLA International Bibliography [paper] $950
Moody’s International Company Datafile [cd-rom] $4,765
Musical America. International Directory of the Performing Arts ??
National Union Catalog : Books [mfiche] $680
Nematological Abstracts $210
New York Times Index [paper] $1,087
Nordic Journal of Botany $342
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A / B $9,755
Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews B $570
OCLC / AMIGOS Collection Analysis [cd-rom] $1,500
Opera News [mfilm only] $22
Optics and Spectroscopy $1,425
PAIS International [paper] $590
Parent’s Magazine [mfilm only] $47
Periodical Abstracts Ondisc [cd-rom] $2,750
Physical Review $7,180
Physics Doklady [Soviet Physics, Eng. trans.] $1,465
Physics Uspekhi [Soviet Physics, Eng. trans.] $950
Plant Growth Regulator Abstracts $303
Political Handbook of the World ??
Popular Photography [mfilm only] $48
Poultry Science $125
Primates $332
Psychological Abstracts [paper] $2,600
Psychopharmacology $2,727
Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature [copy 2] $200
Resources in Education [print] $365
Review of Agricultural Entomology $685
Review of Medical and Veterinary Mycology $277
Review of Plant Pathology $619
Shock and Vibration Digest $250
Social Sciences Citation Index $5,680
Social Sciences Index [cd-rom] $750
Social Sciences Index [paper] $1,706
Soils and Fertilizers $969
Solid State and Superconductivity Abstracts $995
Standard Directory of Advertisers. Classified ed. ??
Sunday Times [mfilm] $718
Systems and Computers in Japan $1,386
Textile Technology Digest [paper] $475
Thin Solid Films $4,875
Thomson Bank Directory ??
Translations / American Mathematical Society $830
UN Chronicle [mfilm only] $26
UNDOC, Current Index $150
Urban Documents [mform] $684
Wall Street Journal Index [paper] $545
Washington Post Index [paper] $978
Whitaker’s Books in Print $483
Work Related Abstracts $535
World Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Abstracts $661
TOTAL (169 titles)        $216,000
wto’m - dec 1995
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