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Last updated: 02/21/08

Serials Cancellations
FY 2008
Effective January 1, 2008

Due to a budget shortfall, the University Library was forced to cut over $200,000 worth of periodicals for the 2008 subscription year. The overall cost of journals increases by at least 7% per year, while the Library’s materials budget essentially remains flat. For FY2008, our materials budget was actually about $150,000 less than the total amount spent in FY2007. After factoring in the inflation in journal prices and the weak dollar, it was clear that our FY2008 budget was about $450,000 less than needed to maintain current journal and database subscriptions and continue to purchase books.

The Dean of Libraries conferred with the Provost in early fall 2007 explaining the Library’s budget situation. The Provost asked the Library to hold off on canceling journals in the hope that more funding could be secured. The Library postponed renewing our subscriptions until the last possible moment. Since we had not received any additional funds, we knew that we had to cut subscriptions.

Typically, when the Library decides to cancel journals, the Library’s subject selectors work with academic departments to identify journals to be cancelled. Due to the last-minute nature of these cancellations, however, this was not possible.

The titles on the list below were online-only subscriptions or had an online component. We selected these titles for cancellation based on online usage statistics: titles that were used 10 or fewer times per year in 2006 and 2007 (prorated) were canceled.

Subsequently, in early 2008, the Library received a budget supplement of $450,000. This amount will enable us to pay for our journals and databases for the remainder of the year. However, it is not enough to allow for the reinstatement of canceled journals or the addition of new subscriptions.

The subscriptions that were cut provided access to the current issues of the journals. In many cases, access to content from prior years is still available through databases such as JSTOR or Academic Search Premier. For available access, consult the Library’s A-Z List of Electronic Journals.

For more information on serials costs and the crisis in scholarly communication, and what scholars can do to help, please see the websites of Create Change and SPARC: The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition.

If you would like more information please contact the subject selector responsible for your department or college.

19th Century Music $144.00
Abacus $407.00
Acta Mechanica $5,085.00
Administrative Science Quarterly $232.00
Advances in Physics $3,865.00
African Studies (Johannesburg) $363.00
American Journal of Health Behavior $198.00
Annales Henri Poincare $964.00
Annals of Regional Science $797.00
Annual Review of Biophysics $205.00
Annual Review of Materials Research $225.00
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry $205.00
APMIS : Acta Pathologica Microbiologica et Immunologica Scandinavica $923.00
Applied Mathematics and Optimization $1,048.00
Applied Physics, Sections A&B Combined $8,982.00
Aquaculture Economics and Management $386.00
Archives of Toxicology $3,054.00
Asia Pacific Viewpoint $177.00
Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology $740.00
Behavior Research Methods $270.00
Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian $265.00
Behaviour  $1,058.00
Biochemical Genetics $1,360.00
Biotropica $315.00
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science $190.00
British Journal of Educational Studies $538.00
British Journal of Industrial Relations $618.00
British Journal of Sociology $424.00
Bulletin of Economic Research $685.00
Business History $733.00
Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics $192.00
Canadian Journal of Economics $188.00
Cataloging & Classification Quarterly $880.00
Child & youth care forum $900.00
Child and Youth Services $535.00
Children's literature in education $441.00
Cladistics $538.00
Classical Antiquity $135.00
Classical Philology $197.00
Clinical Gerontologist $650.00
Commonwealth & Comparative Politics $603.00
Communication Disorders Quarterly $128.00
Comparative Education Review $208.00
Comparative Strategy $457.00
Counselor Education and Supervision $94.00
Critical Asian Studies $220.00
Critical Reviews in Microbiology $884.00
Critical Reviews in Toxicology $1,665.00
Curriculum Inquiry $292.00
Daedalus $99.00
Dance Chronicle $844.00
Developing Economies $148.00
Development (Rome) $529.00
Development and Change $640.00
Development Growth & Differentiation $1,117.00
Ecology of Food and Nutrition $891.00
Econometrica $492.00
Economic Change and Restructuring $518.00
Economic Record $177.00
Economica (London) $325.00
Economy and Society $427.00
Educational Studies $340.00
Educational Technology Research and Development $280.00
Educational Theory $133.00
Electronics (Now called) $377.00
Electronics Letters $1,912.00
Entomologia experimentalis et applicata $1,914.00
Environmental Policy and Law $600.00
Ethics $182.00
Ethnos $354.00
European Journal of Plant Pathology $1,785.00
European Journal of Soil Science $869.00
European physical journal. B, Condensed matter $5,598.00
Europe-Asia Studies $1,065.00
Experimental Aging Research $477.00
Experimental Physiology $800.00
Geographical Journal $220.00
German Life and Letters $476.00
Government and Opposition (London) $216.00
Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation $202.00
Growth and Change $229.00
Higher Education $1,036.00
Higher Education Quarterly $639.73
Historian (Kingston) $128.00
Historical Research $326.00
History (London) $433.00
History and Theory $198.00
Ibis (London) $533.00
IET Research Journals - all 20 Parts - Complete Package $6,240.00
Immunology $1,473.00
Immunology and Cell Biology $1,086.00
Instructional Science $650.00
International Economic Review $408.00
International Journal of Control $5,417.00
International journal of earth sciences : Geologische Rundschau $1,260.00
International Journal of Mental Health $916.00
International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications $144.00
International Journal of Plant Sciences $640.00
International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine $335.00
International Journal of Systems Science $3,901.00
International Migration $314.00
International Quarterly of Community Health Education $335.00
International Studies Quarterly $1,212.00
International Zoo Yearbook $178.00
Invertebrate Biology $194.00
Isis $360.00
Italian Studies $208.00
Journal for Specialists in Group Work $267.00
Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing $137.00
Journal of Accounting Research $599.00
Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism $166.00
Journal of Agricultural Economics $367.00
Journal of American Ethnic History $202.00
Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory $477.00
Journal of Business Finance & Accounting $1,397.00
Journal of Classification $368.00
Journal of Collective Negotiations $335.00
Journal of Consumer Affairs $318.00
Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet $260.00
Journal of Economics (Vienna) $1,673.00
Journal of Educational Measurement $296.00
Journal of Elasticity $2,295.00
Journal of Engineering Mathematics $1,566.00
Journal of Field Ornithology $252.00
Journal of Food Biochemistry $317.00
Journal of Food Process Engineering $314.00
Journal of Food Processing and Preservation $308.00
Journal of Food Safety $241.00
Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health $270.00
Journal of Human Resources $231.00
Journal of Imperial & Commonwealth History $545.00
Journal of Industrial Economics $223.00
Journal of Labor Economics $270.00
Journal of Low Temperature Physics $2,585.00
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance $1,397.00
Journal of Medicine and Philosophy $407.00
Journal of Modern Italian Studies $401.00
Journal of Musicology $144.00
Journal of Near Eastern Studies $186.00
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications $2,468.00
Journal of Palestine Studies $144.00
Journal of Plant Research $350.00
Journal of Psychosocial Oncology $655.00
Journal of Religion $151.00
Journal of Risk and Insurance $290.00
Journal of Royal Statistical Society : Series B Statistical Methodology $362.00
Journal of Royal Statistical Society : Series C Applied Statistics $362.00
Journal of Social Work in End of Life and Palliative Care $365.00
Journal of Special Education $128.00
Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design $1,870.00
Journal of Texture Studies $341.00
Journal of the American Musicological Society $105.00
Journal of the American Statistical Association $482.00
Journal of the History of Biology $462.00
Journal of the IEST $135.00
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A, Statistics in Society $474.00
Journal of Urban Affairs $588.00
Kyklos $508.00
Language Learning $296.00
Language Resources and Evaluation $651.00
Law & Social Inquiry $167.00
Law & Society Review $267.00
Law and Human Behavior $950.00
Learning and Behavior $215.00
Lethaia $286.00
Library & Archival Security $240.00
Library History $376.00
Management Science $646.00
Manchester School $634.00
Marketing Science $337.00
Mathematical Geosciences (Mathematical Geology) $1,185.00
Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems $700.00
Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing $1,147.00
Medical Microbiology and Immunology $1,734.00
Middle Eastern Studies $682.00
Milbank Quarterly $163.00
Milton Quarterly $161.00
Molecular Membrane Biology $1,290.00
Neophilologus $581.00
New Political Science $343.00
North American Archaeologist $335.00
Numerical heat transfer. Part A, Applications $5,396.00
Numerical heat transfer. Part B, Fundamentals $1,971.00
Nursing Inquiry $491.00
Operations Research $446.00
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics $726.00
Pacific Historical Review $127.00
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly $275.00
Papers in Regional Science $404.00
Perception and Psychophysics $365.00
Philosophical Quarterly $339.00
Philosophical Studies $2,102.00
Physiological Entomology $716.00
Policy Sciences $579.00
Political Quarterly $312.00
Population Studies $226.00
Problems of Economic Transition $1,428.00
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society $126.00
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers Combination - Package C $6,230.48
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (all parts) - IMECHE $23,750.00
Protoplasma $2,098.00
Publius $297.00
Quarterly Journal of Economics $427.00
Quarterly Journal of Mathematics $512.00
R & D Management $1,312.00
Ratio (Oxford) $653.00
Reflective Practice $529.00
Religious Studies Review $143.00
Representations $205.00
Rethinking Marxism $323.00
Review of Black Political Economy $325.00
Review of Income and Wealth $245.00
Review of Modern Physics $612.00
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering $798.00
Round Table (London) $1,102.00
Russian Review (Stanford) $180.00
Scandinavian Journal of Economics $376.00
Scottish Journal of Political Economy $352.00
Screen $226.00
Separation and Purification Reviews $838.00
Separation Science & Technology $3,617.00
Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society $254.00
Slavery & Abolition $419.00
Slavonic and East European Review $376.00
Social History (London) $478.00
Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics Academic Membership: Option D (note: Cancel package but reinstate two individual Journals: SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics and SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis $3,904.15
Sociological Methodology $228.00
Southern Communication Journal $157.00
Studia Neophilologica $171.00
Studies in Applied Mathematics $1,045.00
Systematic Biology $210.00
Systematic Botany $177.00
Systematic Entomology $1,274.00
Text and Performance Quarterly $222.00
Theory and Society $773.00
Theory of Computing Systems $867.00
Tribology Transactions $272.00
Update : the applications of research in music ed $42.00
Water and Environment Journal $400.00
Weed Research $886.00
West European Politics $646.00
Winterthur Portfolio $149.00
Yale Review $117.00
Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education $139.00
TOTAL: 242 subscriptions (approximately 304 titles) $219,040.36


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