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University Archives

Academic Affairs, Vice President of: William Ferrante
Rec.Gr.2.1; 1961–1990; 242 linear feet

ACT/NEA Oral History Project
Mss.Gr.65; 1974-1980: 1 linear foot

Agricultural Experiment Station
Rec.Gr.73; 1889–1957; 95.5 linear feet

Alumni Affairs, Department of
Rec.Gr.106; 1958-2004; 37.25 linear feet

Alumni Association Records: Alumni Correspondence
Rec.Gr.107.1; 1926–1935; 3 linear feet

Archives (Miscellaneous)

Army Special Training Program
Rec.Gr.118; 1941-1946; 1.5 linear feet

Arts and Sciences, College of,
Rec.Gr.20; 1975–1999; 2.5 linear feet

Bicentennial Committee, University of Rhode Island
Rec.Gr.116A; 1973–1977; 4.5 linear feet

Board of Trustees/Regents/Governors
Rec.Gr.120; 1935–1994; 75.5 linear feet

Board of Managers Minutes
Rec.Gr.120a; 1888-1935; .5 linear feet

Lea Bohnert Papers
Mss.Gr.92; 1947–1989; 30 linear feet

Harold W. Browning, Records of 
Rec.Gr.134; 1931-1962; 16 linear feet

Bureau of Government Research, Records of 
Rec.Gr.14; 1959-1983; .5 linear feet

Business Administration, College of 
Rec.Gr.48; 1944-1973; 7.5 linear feet

Everett P. Christopher Papers
Mss.Gr.80; 1906-1974; 2.5 linear feet

Arnold Clair Papers
Mss.Gr.135;1946-1972; 2 linear feet

College of Continuing Education 
The Relocation of the College
Rec.Gr.4; 1987-1996; 2.25 linear feet

The Council of Deans
Rec.Gr.127; 1978-1983; 2 linear feet

The Committee on College Policy
Rec.Gr.131; 1948-1960; 1.5 linear feet

Department of Communication - News Bureau, Rec.Gr.135
; 1938-1999; 20 linear feet
Rec.Gr.135.2; 1990s-2006; 6 linear feet
Rec.Gr.135.3; 1982-2008;
Rec.Gr.135.4; 1972-2009; 2 linear feet
Rec.Gr.135.5; 1966-2010; 23 linear feet
Rec.Gr.135.6; 1976-2010; 32 linear feet

Rec.Gr.135.7; 1990-2009; 7 linear feet

Coordinator of Research:
John H. Chafee Social Sciences Building
Rec.Gr.75: 1966-1969; .75 linear feet

Coordinator of Research, Office of the 
Rec.Gr.79; 1958–1989; 74.4 linear feet

Development and University Relations, Office of
Rec.Gr.106; 1930–1985; 69 linear feet

Mabel D. Eldred, Records of
Rec.Gr.133; 1936-1945; 0.25 linear feet

Faculty/Administration Meetings, Minutes of
Rec.Gr.122; 1892–1983; 4.5 linear feet

Fraternities and Sororities at the University of Rhode Island
Rec.Gr.172; 1910-1983; 3 linear feet

Faculty Senate
Rec.Gr.113; 1956-2000 ; 92 linear feet

Roger D. Goos Papers
Rec.Gr.22; 1956-2001; 22 linear feet

Graduate Student Association
Rec.Gr.140; 1966-1987; 12.25 linear feet

James M. Havens Atmospheric Science Collection
Rec.Gr.29; 1962-1981; 2 linear feet

Home Economics, College of
Rec.Gr.65; 1920–1978; 15 linear feet

Intergovernmental Policy Analysis Program (IPAP), Records of
Rec.Gr.128; 1977–1997; 141.25 linear feet

International Center for Marine Resource Development (ICMRD)
Rec.Gr.81; 1970-1989; 31 linear feet

Legacies of the Vietnam War: Colloquium Series
Rec.Gr.136; 1999; 1.5 linear feet

Library and Information Studies, Graduate School of 
Rec.Gr.77; 1959–1994; 13.75  linear feet

Martin Luther King Jr. News Article Collection
of the Bullet and Rifle Test

Mss.Gr.166; 1996-1997; 1 linear foot

Lee McCauley Collection
Mss.Gr.141;1934-1945; .5 linear feet

Multicultural Center Records
Rec.Gr.5; 1956-2004; 24 linear feet

Music Department, Records of
Rec.Gr.37; 1922-1998;13.5 linear feet

Frank Newman Papers
Mss.Gr.152; 1948-1987; 10.5 linear feet

Nursing, College of
Rec.Gr.70; 1939–1978; 20.5 linear feet

Oceanography, Graduate School of 
Rec.Gr.80; 1935-1998;138.5 linear feet

Oceanography, Graduate School of Interviews
Rec.Gr.138; 1999; 7 digital videocassettes; no transcripts

Olympic Study
Rec.Gr.112; 1962-1993; 1 linear foot

Thomas Pezzulo Papers
Mss.Gr.111;1973 - 1990; 7 linear feet

Phi Beta Kappa, Rhode Island Beta Chapter
Mss.Gr.36; 1965-1994; 5.5 linear feet

Phi Kappa Phi, URI Chapter of
Rec.Gr.116; 1912-1993; 5 linear feet

Photography, Radio and Television
Rec.Gr.109; 1943–1987; 9 linear feet

President's Assistant, Jean Moore, Records of the 
Rec.Gr.6; 1982-1999; 4.25 linear feet

Provost, Records of the Office of the Rec.Gr.2
2.1 Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs
(William Ferrante Papers) 1960-1997; 242 linear feet

2.2; 1945-1997;100 linear feet

2.3; 1972-2002; 127.75 linear feet

Registrar, Office of the 

ROTC Hall of Fame
Rec.Gr.139; 2001-2003; .5 linear feet

The Rhode Island Partnership for Research
on Women and Gender

Rec.Gr.176; 1994-2003; 3.5 linear feet

Rhode Island State College Early Recordings
Rec.Gr.143; 1948-1950; .25 linear foot

Sports Information, Office of 
Athletics Department
Rec.Gr.100; 1903–1980; 82 linear feet

Student and Lippitt Prize Essays
Rec.Gr.141; 1894-1901; 1 linear foot

Student Senate
Rec.Gr.124.1;1957-1988; 33.5 linear feet
Rec.Gr.124.2;  1964-2003; 11.5 linear feet

Students' Army Training Corps, Records of
Rec.Gr.111; 1914-1919; .5 linear feet

Triangle Club, Records of
Mss.Gr.131; 1910-1985; 2.75 linear feet

Lucy Comins Tucker, Records of 
Rec.Gr.132; 1899- 1958; 1 linear foot

University Libraries
Rec.Gr.74; 1925–1973; 7.5 linear feet

University Student Photo Album,
Scrapbook and Memorabilia Collection


Watson House Committee, Records of
Rec.Gr.114; 1962- 2002; 1.5 linear feet

Women's Studies, Records of
Rec.Gr.110; 1974-2000; 11 linear feet

Zoology, Department of 
Rec.Gr.47; 1936-1989; 35.5 linear feet

Eligible users and restrictions on use
Any qualified person doing scholarly research is permitted to use material housed in the Special Collections Unit. 

Before beginning research, everyone is required to sign the “Research and Guest Register.” A Research Form must be completed if the researcher is using manuscript or archival collections. Collections are used under specific restrictions and may not be removed from the Reading Room area or borrowed from the collections. Permission may be granted to obtain photocopies of items in the collections. A fee is charged for this service and the copying is performed by the staff. 

Care must be exercised at all times when handling materials. Consuming food or beverages, smoking, and the use of pens are not permitted.