John Hubbard Chafee
Inauguration, 1963

The Chafee Family arrives for the swearing in ceremony

John Chafee is sworn in as Governor for the State of Rhode Island, January 3, 1963.  The first of three terms.

  He was finally defeated in 1968 by Frank Litch. The campaign swung on the issue that came back to haunt Chafee:  the establishment an income tax.

He went on to become Secretary of the Navy in the Nixon administration.  In 1972 he ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate against Claiborne Pell.  








The Chafee children watch as their dad gets sworn in as Governor. From right to left, Tribbie, Zecharia, Lincoln, and Georgia on Virginia Chafee's lap.

Gov. and Mrs. Chafee greet guests in the receiving line
 Georgia, Lincoln ,John in  foreground.


  At the inaugural  ball