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Student Records
Rec.Gr.#7; 1898–

Higher Education General Information Survey
Rec.Gr.#7; 1979–1983; 1 linear foot

Office of the Registrar
Records of John C. Weldin (1946-1957)
Rec.Gr.#7-1; 1906-1966; 3 linear feet

see also Records of Lucy Comins Tucker

Access to Student Records
While the Archives houses the copies of the original records of the Office of the Registrar any official information about a former or current student must be obtained from the Office of the Registrar (401) 874-2816 or visit its web page.

Eligible users and restrictions on use
Any qualified person doing scholarly research is permitted to use material housed in the Special Collections Unit. Collections are used under general restrictions and may not be removed from the area. Before beginning research, everyone is required to sign the “Research and Guest Register.” Requests for presentations concerning the materials in the collection can be accommodated by prior arrangement with the department.

Materials must be used in the Reading Room. Care must be exercised at all times when handling materials.  No materials may be borrowed from the collections. Permission may be granted to photocopy items in the collections. A fee is charged for this service, and copying is performed by the staff. Consuming food or beverages, smoking, and the use of pens are not permitted.


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