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Finding journal articles.

As you already know, journal articles can be a great help as you try to do research and write papers on a specific topic. To find articles on your topic, you need to use one of several reference databases or print indexes we have available at URI. For more on finding articles please visit the user guide called Finding Articles

Once you have located a citation (author, article title, journal name, volume, number and pagination) to an article, you can use HELIN to see if URI or any of the other HELIN libraries subscribes to that journal. Please note that HELIN will only give you a location and basic descriptive information on a journal.

You can not use HELIN to find articles.

We’ll first take a look at using HELIN to find journals and then we’ll briefly look at using reference databases to find the information you need.

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Did you know?

Books placed on reserve for courses can be obtained at the Reserves Desk located at Circulation.