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Main Floor

This section will show you the different floors of the University Library. When you have completed it, you will have a good idea of the layout of the building, and you will have learned about some of the services and materials available in the Library.

first floor plan

Circulation & Reserves

Located at the entrance to the Library, the Circulation Desk is the place where you can check out and return library materials. This is also where you can activate your account so you can borrow books and renew materials. Circulation is the place to go if you have any question about your library account.

Remember, reference books, some reserve material, periodicals (magazines and journals), and materials from Special Collections do not circulate and must be used in the library.

Reserves materials are available at Circulation. These are items that faculty set aside specifically for their courses. You’ll need your URI ID to borrow these items.


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Government Publications

URI is a partial depository for government publications and the University maintains an extensive collection of materials published by the US government and the Rhode Island state government. These include Congressional records, federal agency surveys and statistics, case law, legal codes, and regulations.


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The Reference Desk is located just past the main stairway on the right, across from Government Publications. Reference librarians will help you find information in the library. Behind the desk you’ll find the Reference Online Center (ROC) where there are over 25 computers available for searching electronic databases in many disciplines. The reference print collection includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, bibliographies, atlases and other reference material in the arts and sciences.

The Reference staff also offers instruction on searching databases and indexes, using the HELIN catalog and other library resources.


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Curriculum Materials Library

The Curriculum Materials Library is located behind the Reference Area. The Curriculum Materials Library collection consists of specialized resources for Education such as juvenile/young adult books, reference materials, preK-12 textbooks, teacher professional materials, electronic instructional media, kits and manipulatives, curriculum frameworks, maps, posters, and educational tests.


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Did you know?

The Library was founded in 1892 and occupied all or part of seven buildings on the campus before moving to its present location in 1964.