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Lower Level

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Computer Lab

The Library Student Computer Lab provides over 100 computers for students, faculty and staff to access email and the Internet, type papers and use other software applications. Printers are available and the Help Desk will answer your questions about the facility and help with other computer problems you may have with the URI network.

Don’t forget to bring your valid URI student, faculty or staff ID to be able to use this lab. Turning left from the main stairway on the Lower Level will get you there.


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Serial Stacks

Most of the Lower Level stores the bound serials, older issues of periodicals that are bound into volumes like books. Current periodicals are located on Level 1 where only the latest issues are kept. Both current and bound periodicals are shelved in order by their Library of Congress call numbers.


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Did you know?

The Circulation Desk maintains a temporary lost-and-found service for personal items left in the library.