David Abedon Dave in his natural habitat.

M.A., 1972, University of Rhode Island

Professor Abedon has a teaching and extension appointment. His teaching involves coordinating the University-wide Minor in International Development (MIND) and teaching the courses involved with the minor (CPL/NRS 300, 487 and 495). His extension appointment has involved working in the community development area especially as it has related to international development, development education and environmental education. In conjunction with the Minor in International Development, he recently brought a group of students to Costa Rica to visit coffee producing regions and to conduct research.

He has served on various environmental boards and commissions including: Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) as a Commissioner, Narragansett Bay Commission Management Committee, ETICAM Hazardous Waste Siting Committee, and the Warwick Conservation Commission. He is also registered with the American Arbitration Association as an environmental arbitrator. 

Research has been mainly applied to programmatic evaluations and publication of the results of programs such as The Blue Lobster Mobile Coastal Education Project and Project Environmental Quotient. More recently a research effort has been conducted with the Natural Resources Department at URI and the Federal University of Sergipe which involved URI students in the Atlantic forest of Sergipe, Brazil. He chaired the University of Rhode Island President's Environmental Advisory Committee, which completed a review of the University and developed recommendations. 

Professor Abedon also serves on the Board of Directors of several organizations including: COFFEE KIDS, The Rhode Island Partners of the Americas and the Rhode Island Natural History Survey. In the summer of 1997 and 1998, he worked with Earthwatch in Crete, Greece to study wild goats and develop wildlife conservation plans. 

Representative Publications: 

Husband and Abedon. 1994. Brazilian American Research Expedition. Final Report to the Counselho Nacional de Scientifico e Technologico (CNPq), Brasilia, Brazil. 

Husband, Franco, Abedon et al. 1993. First Faunal Inventory of the Mata Atlantica of Sergipe, Brazil. Proceedings of the 5th Northeast Brazilian Ecological Congress. 

Abedon et al. 1989. Negotiating an Environmental Siting Agreement. US State Department Foreign Service Institute. 

Lambur, Abedon et al. 1987. International Programming in the Cooperative Extension Service. Lifelong Learning Research Conference Proceedings. 

Abedon. 1987. Whatever Happened to The Blue Lobster? Abstracts for The Narragansett Bay Symposium. 

Wennegren, Abedon et al. 1986. Solving World Hunger: The US Stake. Seven Locks Press, ed.


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