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Saturday, March 28, 2015

First student-led conference at URI to focus on diversity, March 27-28

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On the last weekend in March, the first student-created and led regional conference will take place at the University of Rhode Island's Kingston Campus. Called "Diversifying Individuals Via Education" (D.I.V.E. RI), this event is focused on enhancing student leadership and social change on college campuses.

Organized by the group of multicultural student leaders known as MUSIC (Multicultural Unity and Student Involvement Council), D.I.V.E. RI is a proactive event to focus on race and ethnicity in higher education. Students marketed the event with tremendous success using social media, flyers and direct contact with other regional schools. Registration ended on March 1…


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URI Women’s Center to host talks, events about gender equity, March 23-27 : Gender equity is a hot topic in the country today – and on college campuses. The University of Rhode Island is on top of the issue, with an upcoming weeklong program to raise awareness about gender fairness.

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